Common personal hygiene mistakes that need to be stopped

Without even understanding, when it comes to practising personal hygiene in the long run, one can make mistakes. For instance, you may think you need to wash your hair every day, though it may not be the case all together, or you might think your skin is constantly harmed by bathing. There can be a lot of ifs and buts, but you don't need to dawdle over the matter when it comes to tackling germs, rather hurry up and accept what's important. Let's identify and understand how these issues can be rectified.

Understanding diseases transmission
Because of all the work we do and the physical contact we make, our hands are probably the dirtiest part of our body. Therefore, when resting your face in your hands, you need to be extra vigilant because that is what we do without even understanding during the day at work and at home. A good practice is to keep your hands clean by washing them consistently with a Dettol bar soap and water and then dry them off afterwards.

Blunders at the gym
A smart idea is to keep the an antibacterial hand sanitizer with you during the day and use it regularly. You'd remain safe from unknown germ attacks that way. This is important because we do the same when we bench press or deadlift crazily at the gym.

Avoid scalding hot showers
When you return home after having a tiring day at work, you might love a hot shower first thing, but hold your horses because this might be dangerous for you. Very hot water will open pores on your skin that make you vulnerable to the accumulation of dirt and mud from the environment around you.

Apply lotion regularly
Make sure you apply lotion regularly because you let all the moisture that it caught during the shower escape from your body when you hurry to work with a dry skin and that is why you need to clock yourself in a better way so that you have enough time on your hands to take care of your skin.
Well if you wash your hair every day it will fall off with time. I am swear to God you mustn't do it. Better try to highlight your beauty with an appropriate hair style, for example, you can check this out and see how you can handle this situation. Also pay attention to your nutrition. Do you have questions?