Caribbean Soca Monarch 2010


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@ Mwen: Popularity and the fact that he won monarch in my opinion (Note: I didn't see him perform last night.)

@ D-E: Yeah Killa is the reign Soca Monarch of Grenada.

Digga D

i was jus about 2 ask who won n ting cos SOMEONE TOLD ME LAST MINUTE DOTCOM n hehe (no names)

the line up of the listed acts was promising and i must say looked betta than d COMMERCIAL won we all get sucked into watchin during feb..

So who's taking road march????

ps: i like Alpha's winning groovy soca monarch track dais nice!


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It wasn't a cheat De Fence I loved but it wasn't a mad as Skinny with Charge up or Pa Melee or Ricky T (Mind you I admit it was biased towards Lucians) Skinny should have placed instead of Mr Killa and I don't think Pa Melee should have placed I'm glad he didn't win


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They should scrap that competition, put the money back in soca monarch and raise the appearance fees so persons can give better presentations hence making the st. Lucia soca monarch more attractive. The night reserved, show be used to do a regular show like "kings of the caribbean" more like an exhibition than a competition.

Just my opinion