Best Options for the Perfect Weave Hair: Great Looks


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Hair extensions are in fashion, they allow you to gain volume in a short time. Inexpensive extensions are the cure for short hair. However, you have to make the right choice to hope to have beautiful voluminous hair. Advice on length, texture, and color is essential for choosing the right extensions.

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Here are a few points you need to pay attention to in the selection of wigs!
Take into account the material of hair extensions

It’s not all about blindly rushing into the cheap hair extensions race. You have to make the difference between natural human hair bundles and synthetic ones. The first thing to consider is the material used to make the extensions. There are synthetic hair extensions or natural hair clip extensions on the market. The price marks the first difference between the two, synthetic hair extensions cost much less than natural ones (2 or even 3 times less).

The technicality and professionalism of the extension companies can sow the seeds of doubt, but you should know that the two types of extensions are perfectly identical. It can be difficult to distinguish hair with synthetic fibers from hair with natural fibers. Note, however, that for weddings, dates, or parties, it would be better to opt for extensions with synthetic clips, these are occasional human hair lace front wigs

How do natural hair Extensions work?

Natural hair extensions are recommended for permanent use. When it comes to the first extension installation, synthetic extensions are to be preferred because they are easy to apply, cheaper to purchase and above all detachable at will.

They can be smoothed or even curled while keeping their initial state perfectly even if they are wet. They also help to gain more volume. The inexpensive natural hair extensions are very easy to style: they merge with the hair for an incredible result. They support heating devices: you can achieve straightening or defined curls just like natural hair extensions. In this way, they can undergo the same care as natural hair.

Do not neglect the length and weight of hair extensions

One of the first questions when buying wigs human hair is the ideal length. It is not always easy to make the best choice of hair extensions because there are different lengths. Short extensions help to look pretty natural. As for the longer additions, these guarantee a total makeover. People with short hair who want to lengthen their hair just a bit can opt for 10-inch extensions. They help to have square-shaped hair or hair located at shoulder level. For long hair, 40cm extensions are perfect because you get hair at chest level. In case the hair is longer, the tips can be cut to achieve the desired length.

Particular attention is required in the choice of the number of wicks to place at the risk of having a rat tail effect. The small extensions ensure a straight and short cut. They avoid having a certain demarcation between extensions and natural hair.

The grammage is an important criterion not to be neglected because it determines in principle the weight of the extensions. The choice varies depending on the density of the hair. For flat and fine hair, extensions of about 100 grams are recommended, while people with voluminous hair should instead turn to extensions with a minimum weight of 200 grams. The goal is to simply lengthen the hair because extensions that are too heavy compromise comfort. Heavy additions cause pain in the neck or back. It is therefore not recommended to permanently use extensions with a heavyweight. We suggest that short bob wigs are the best choice.

Finally, I hope everyone can get their own satisfied hair, we will say, hi! You are so beautiful today!