Atlanta Carnival 2008


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Here we go again!!!

Wednesday -- Hangover
Thurday -- Fayann Lyons
Friday -- Jouvert at the Atrium
Saturday -- Machel Montano HD
Sunday -- Last Lap
Monday -- Final Destination

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wow, looks like we have a good lineup yall!!! anybody have alink for where I could buy tickets for fayeann and machel?


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I want 2 go this yr esp since they have mad guyanese events and plus theres no Glow in NYC. Think I might.


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we must link at d picnic dm...i dey here in gt right now.
I am not sure if it's at the same park as last year. The parking was terrible. I saw many out of towners getting their cars towed. I'd like to think they changed venues. Nice to see all de Guyanese people in de park though. They need better live entertainment though. Dem had this paggalee lookin bhanna about 70 years old on de stage las' year and dat was it,lol. Admission was 5 bucks.

I am going to Atlanta that weekend but I think the Guyana Day may be the only thing that I actually go to......

I am really going to see some family.
Yeah that's mainly why I'm going too, but I went to Atlanta last year and missed the carnival. Wouldn't mind giving it a look though.
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i'm there this year God's willing. got my ticket already. i'm booked for the panyard Sat. and Sun. but this year seems like it's gonna be different. more shows. and heard a little thing about them parade being better.

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I'm goin to EVERY SINGLE FETE this year. I'm getting my trini gear this weekend so nobody will have to ask "whe u from?" Atlanta not ready fuh me dis year!


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Look meh up when u reach at one of dem parties i playing at. Or on d road wit meh band CAMOTEES in dekalb carnival not atlanta.