Ask me quetions about my new kitten!


You worserer than I
socadiva05 said:
How cute......
Are you going to get him a playmate soon? (don't want him tearing up your furniture b/c he's bored)
he had a brother in the cage at the adoption agency but it was already adopted :(.....we were trying to steal it but somebody punked out on me.

maybe i'll get a lil white kitty next


Rum Aficionado/Soca-holic
You get a new baby & don't even show us pics? Signs of a bad mother already.



You worserer than I
do you know how to wash yuh cat???
i start at the top with lots of soap and i go round and round in a circular motion, making sure to get in between and between in


My Heart
Essiquibo said:
u don't like the name Sphinx? as in the Sphinx in egypt?
should i have named him sweetcutiepie loveydovey cutey patootie chick
u shoulda name him summers eve :derisive: