5 tips to curb sugar cravings


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This is the time of year that I find myself really wanting to deal with my cravings, namely for sugar. Summer is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to don the bathing suits. Who doesn’t want to shed a few pounds, or deal with some unwanted love handles, or even just have more energy of which to enjoy the outdoor season? I am sharing 5 tips today that can truly help to nourish your body so you won’t crave sugar.

When I say sugar cravings I really should broaden it to carb cravings, as all non-fiber forms of carbohydrate are sugar once metabolized by the body. This post is also assuming that you have already eliminated sugars and starches from the diet for the most part. If you haven’t done that yet, well hopefully this will inspire you towards doing so. Examples of the non-fiber carbohydrates I am speaking of, would be; bread, pasta, cereal, rice, potatoes, granola, dried fruits, juices, candy, chocolate, desserts, alcoholic beverages and even most fresh fruit. I am also assuming that it’s common knowledge to most people as to why they should want to curb their sugar cravings. If you are not fully aware of the detriments of sugar wreaking havoc on your body you need to get informed.

I personally struggle most with craving something sweet, namely chocolate. I find not a day goes by that I don’t want something sweet at some point in the day. I don’t always give in to it, but most often I do have a little bit of chocolate, or some honey in my smoothie. I have to really focus on a few key things in order to avoid sugar cravings. The more I implement these tips, the more successful I am. That emotional connection you feel when you crave something sweet, it’s actually a physiological co-dependency triggering you as you are missing some key nutrient. When we are low in amino acids that help produce the ‘feel good’ serotonin that our brains need to relax, often we will crave something in it’s place. There certainly are supplements you can take to help with this until you get your diet under way, but the ideal way to get natural serotonin is through real food, good sleep and exercise. If you have regular sugar cravings or even alcohol cravings this can be a strong indicator that you have serotonin depletion. Using these substances (sugars/carbs) over time can lead to further depletion of serotonin, so it’s really important to learn to curb those carb craving monsters.

To nourish your brain with all the essential amino acids you need to consume high quality grass fed/pastured meats and wild seafood.
Additionally, to keep your brain nourished and your body satiated you need the right kinds of fats. To inhibit bad bacteria, yeasts and candida in the gut from causing sugar cravings consuming lots of fermented foods daily is key. I find if I eat a breakfast of 3-4 pastured eggs topped with plenty of cultured butter and a nice amount of sauerkraut I can make it through the day without a strong urge for sugar.

If in the afternoon I get a hankering for something sweet, I often will take a spoonful of L-glutamine, or have some coconut kefir in a smoothie, or coconut oil in some tea. I have even found a homeopathic solution of serotonin that I can take by the dropperful and this helps my mood as well as nix my desire for a sweet snack. These few tips under my belt help me from going overboard with the sweets. It also helps to not keep sweets on hand. Exercise also helps me as it helps to boost my serotonin levels and I tend to want to eat healthier when I exercise. It also helps to improve insulin sensitivity.

Getting ample sleep 7-8 hours per night will also help fight the battle of the sugar cravings. There are many more tips and supplements you can try to help with sugar cravings, as well as detoxes that can be done, however I find if you focus on these 5 as your core principles you will have great success. Not only will the sugar cravings dissolve, but your overall health will improve dramatically implementing these tips (or should I say lifestyle habits).

Eat more fermented foods

Preferably daily and at best at every meal. The best fermented foods to choose would be ones that are not sweet, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled green beans, or even some kefir. Whatever ferment you like that has no added sugar will be a great addition to your diet and aid your body in fighting off pathogens, yeasts and bacteria that will likely cause you to crave sweets and carbohydrates. I have several recipes for fermented foods on my site. (Kimchi, Cortido, Asian Veggie Medley, Cauliflower and Green Bean Pickles, Kefir, Coconut Kefir, Salsa)

Consume enough high quality protein daily

Eat protein at every meal. Pro-serotonin nutrients such as l-tryptophan can knock out carb cravings on the spot. L-tryptophan is an amino acid found in fish, turkey and most meats . Consuming the right type of meats such as grass fed/pastured and wild seafood are key. Read this article on why you should be choosing grass fed beef. Read this post all about the farm that I buy my pastured meats from as well how they raise their animals on pasture. A couple of ounces of protein per meal should suffice for the average person.

‘Proteins are digested much more slowly than carbohydrates; theirs is a steady breakdown into absorbable nutrients, whereas the ingested carbohydrate causes an immediate and potent spike in blood sugar that leaves you wanting more. You’re not going to binge on steaks and lamb chops like you would with potato chips.’ (source – Mark’s Daily Apple, Curb Your Appetite.)

Taking amino acid supplements can also be a good option until you get your protein consumption on track. Ideally you want to get your nutrition from whole foods, but sometimes you may need a boost. It also may be helpful if your gut is recovering from food allergies, or if you have health issues related to proper brain function. To learn more about amino acid supplementation, check out Julia Ross’s website, along with Nora Gedgaudas‘ site. Additionally, check out the Pain & Stress Center, they carry many supplements and their focus is deeper understanding of brain function through research in neurotransmitters and brain chemistry. They have lots of articles as well as pamphlets for sale on the various amino acids and what they do in the body.

Consume enough of the right kinds of fats

Fats at each meal, enough to keep you satiated. Read more on why fats are indeed for you. Make sure you consume enough omega-3 fatty acids. Getting adequate amounts of the vitally important omega-3s can calm or eliminate carbohydrate cravings, as well as enhances your insulin sensitivity. Fermented Cod liver oil is one way to get a good dose of omega 3′s. In my daily dose of FCLO, I get 800 mg of Omega 3′s, 150 mg. of DHA, and 250 mg. of EPA. DHA and EPA are important essential fatty acids, as well as GLA which I get in my Evening Primrose Oil supplement. Coconut oil and butter are great fats to utilize regularly in your diet. They are easy to incorporate as most people enjoy the taste of both. Be sure to buy high quality butter either cultured or from grass fed cows.

Get adequate sleep

Studies repeatedly show sleep deprivation as strongly correlated with decreased insulin sensitivity and unwanted weight gain, along with other problems. Try to get at least 6-8 quality hours of sleep every single night, as we were designed to do! (source – ‘Primal Body, Primal Mind’, Nora T. Gedgaudas)


Get some exercise daily, or at least 3-5 times per week. Short bouts of high intensity interval training (or ‘bursting’), as well as resistance training are the most effective forms of exercise. Exercise has been shown to help improve insulin sensitivity. This type of exercise helps to burn off some of the sugar from a carb laden meal directly afterwards. Exercise raises your serotonin levels, so a good idea would be to exercise at the time of day that you are most likely to crave sugar. Instead of hitting the snack machine, coffee shop or that tub of ice cream in your freezer head outdoors for a quick walk, run up some stairs several times or hit the gym. You’ll be glad you did!!

Bonus tips

Try L-Glutamine This amino acid (not recognized as essential but surely has an important role to play) can help to stop cravings for sweets, starches and alcohol instantly because the brain can temporarily use it for fuel. It is also the number one food for enterocytes, the cells that line the small intestine, and can greatly help regenerate gastro-intestinal mucosa. I purchase it in a free form powder with no fillers, place the serving under my tongue and let it dissolve. It actually tastes slightly sweet. It is best taken on an empty stomach.

*Disclaimer~ Please consult with your Dr. before taking any supplements, especially if you are on medications. L-Glutamine has been know to trigger a negative response in those who suffer with Bipolar disorder.

Gymnema Sylvestre – I personally have not tried this yet, but have heard Nora Gedgaudas recommend it many times and swear that people have thanked her for introducing them to it. If taken in 4-gram (4,000 mg) increments, three times a day can usually eliminate most, if not all, cravings for sweets. In extremely addicted individuals, twice this dose may be needed to successfully eliminate cravings.


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Thanks LB. I have to view this when I am a little more awake. I skimmed it and I can definitely use this.

I took a nutrition class earlier this month and after that class my craving for sweets and consumption of carbohydrates has decreased. I also look at cakes, pastries, chocolate in a different way. The class taught me that if I shovel too much sugar some of it will be converted to fat. Carbohydrates become sugar as well. I now have more control and wisdom thanks to that class also because I learned about how foods are converted in the body.

I also remember the plate method:
Half a plate of veggies.
One half the other half of the same plate is protein (a fist worth)
Remaining half is carbohydrates (a fist worth).

Another class said 80% fruits and veggies and 20% other foods.


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May i add one more tip? Do not buy the stuff with sugar in it if you think it's bad for you!
kissteet, you make it sound so simple :kicks :kicks

yes, that is true, but what I learned the hard way is a lot of so-called good for you foods contain more sugar that you realize. Like low-fat yogurt, sour cream etc. etc. You think you are doing the right thing but they are loaded with more sugar than a candy bar. :(

now, I dont study any of that. Certain fats are good for you so I dont eat "diet" or "low-fat" anything anymore. And I try to avoid processed foods in general cause so much is buried in those hard to read labels.


Sorry dear lol didnt mean to make it sound simple. Honestly though it is how i deal with stuff. If it's bad for me, i go in a diff direction. I am weak for sweets so i don't even want it round me lol.


Peace Love n Pretty Tings
Sorry dear lol didnt mean to make it sound simple. Honestly though it is how i deal with stuff. If it's bad for me, i go in a diff direction. I am weak for sweets so i don't even want it round me lol.
I'm just giving you a hard time :grin:

Hey, I love to bake...and I am quite good at it too. So imagine my fight against the sugar monster. :kicks


did u say bake....note to self....stay away from LB... far far away. lol. impossible to give me a hard time btw. i read every word with a smile and post each word with a sniker.


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did u say bake....note to self....stay away from LB... far far away. lol. impossible to give me a hard time btw. i read every word with a smile and post each word with a sniker.
yup, that would be best because I will tempt you down the road to sugar purgatory in no time!! :grin:


my next doors friends just offered me some baked goods. i had to politely say no thanks. they looked so good too lol. say no to drugs!


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Not that we should be speaking about these things in THIS thread but I made a fruit flan with whipped cream this morning for a BBQ later on today :grin:


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why a calorie isnt just a calorie. Need to consider the source.

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:diablo: :diablo: will be making these this weekend
:pig_ball: *runs away to the pace of a demonic laugh track*


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brat times two :kicks

actually I see nothing wrong with baking cookies from scratch. I love to bake so I cant say I dont make cookies or cakes when the mood strikes me. You know what you are putting in it' there is nothing in it that you cant pronounce with a degree in chemistry; and you control when you want to eat it.

I'm just against processed foods with hidden shit in it like HFCS and extra sugar to cover up the flavour cause they want to market it as "low-fat" or "no trans fat".
Let me choose what I eat. Dont hide sh*t in processed foods and call it "health" food like Diet Coke and that B.S.

I think it was Michael Bitten who said, go ahead and eat junk food as long as you make it yourself :kicks
(yes he means more than just the topical meaning but I still like the double meaning of the phrase :grin: )


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Drink a glass of water. A few people say that lack of hydration can cause desires.

Eat an organic product. Having a bit of organic product may help fulfill sugar longings for a few people.

Evade fake sugars.

Eat more protein.

Converse with a companion.

Rest soundly.

Evade overabundance stretch.

Keep away from specific triggers.