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  1. wheatnest

    Are you still fit this pandemic?

    "Physical activity can help benefit mental health. ResearchTrusted Source also shows that people with severe mental health conditions tend to be less physically active than those with good mental health. A new study by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has found...
  2. wheatnest

    Best Music Apps for iOS and Android

    It’s pretty clear we’re now living in a golden age of music streaming. What are your picks for the best music apps, whether you’re looking to simply listen to music, learn musical skills, or create your own tunes?
  3. wheatnest

    Strenuos challenges at work

    Most of us here are in the working class and sometimes we received a deadline for our project work. How do you deal with those challenges especially when you have a very tight schedule? Feel free to share it here.
  4. wheatnest

    What are you looking forward this Spring season?

    The snow chase is over for me for another year, overall I'd give this Winter a massive 2/10! Planning to do some long-road trips away from responsibilities and enjoy this season of dry and sunny. How about you? 😃
  5. wheatnest

    Do anxiety cause intense visual disturbances?

    So the past 3 and a half months my vision is seeming to play up quite a lot; distorted vision, blurred, more sensitivity to light, tunnel-like vision, and visual snow- these on top of what I believe I have known as scotomas. These visual disturbances first happened during a very stressful period...
  6. wheatnest

    Seeking work-related advice

    I wonder how do you handle stress and anxiety surrounding this pandemic, and at the same time maintain your coolness at work? Do you just watch a movie or listen to music to renew yourself? Or do you immerse yourself in doing some things that give you passion? I, myself don't feel good, I'm...
  7. wheatnest

    How things are going in your area?

    Has your own city/state done a good job so far for containing Covid-19 cases? We're all got bothered and worried when this pandemic hit the world. We became anxious about our health, our safety, and our family's and loved ones' so it's better to know that in our backyard and community that we...
  8. wheatnest

    Biden won't quarantine after he's been around infected people

    Joe Biden WON'T quarantine despite sharing a plane with team member positive for coronavirus Do we wish for his death now or later?...hard to keep up with the rules.
  9. wheatnest

    Can I use a regular seating chair to do my shoulder workouts? (dumbbells, weight)

    I plan to do Arnold presses and snow angels while seated on the above chair. Will doing these workouts be fine on a chair like this?