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  1. 1trini-gyal

    Miami carnival 2012

    Where are these posted? I want to see the pan results.
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    How did I end up here? :meeting:
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    Anybody know where i can watch it online?:this:
  4. 1trini-gyal

    Soca Monarch: OMGGGGGG!!!!!

    I enjoy soca performances hands down. Every section have a different story though. I got media ticket from a scalper and had the best seat in de house right in front the stage...loved it! Had a time!!!! My father was in general he say de fete was empty :slow:. Somebody else was...
  5. 1trini-gyal

    Live Blue Crab

    Was making curry crab and dumpling Work work and more work!!! Doh worry I think about you every time I use freshly ground salt and pepper! :tongue: Sigh...I do so i didn't :( Gyul I tossed it. Gonna get some more and make this week though. And yes I am gonna do it...thought she did get...
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    Live Blue Crab

    Okay so I was going and make some crab last week and did not get a chance. My stepmom told me put them in the freezer to kill them. Well, they been in the freezer since last week Sunday. I went to clean them this morning and my motherinlaw pass by. She say she hope they are cooked because you...
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    RIP Blazer Dan - Nexx one gone eh!!

    Wow RIP Blazer Dan Really sad
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    Any Foreclosure Specialists On Imix?

    Are you referring to real estate that is already owned by the bank?
  9. 1trini-gyal

    Any Foreclosure Specialists On Imix?

    Acutally the normal time for a regular seller to reply to an offer is 48 hours. When you are dealing with a shortsale it is a totally different ball game. Due to legislation that went into effect April 1st, banks now have more of a time constraint in regards to moving through short sales. I...
  10. 1trini-gyal

    Any Foreclosure Specialists On Imix?

    Yes, what type of questions do you need answered?
  11. 1trini-gyal

    20% off Mother's Day Flowers and Gifts

    Use promotion code HAN2967 to receive 20% off eligible items through May 15. Offer good on promotion eligible items on Flowers, Roses, Gift Baskets, Flower Bouquets | 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and Gift Baskets and Gourmet Food - :superman:
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    Ohio judge warns citizens to arm selves

    FB making me lazy because right now I just looking for the like it Citizens should arm themselves take a judge to come and tell them that? I never understand people that tell me I should not have a gun...but uhm...if I or my family is in danger what you want me to do...
  13. 1trini-gyal

    Tax Day Deals

    Cold Stone has a printable coupon...check their fb page or their website to print it Here’s a little tax day relief a la Cold Stone. Print this coupon and get 2 Like It™ Size Create Your Own Ice Creams for $5. For maximum relief we strongly suggest trying our new OREO® Creme Filling ice cream...
  14. 1trini-gyal

    Tax Day Deals

    Add any that you know of in your area as offers may vary. enjoy! Tax Day April 15th deals Cinnabon - Get two free bite-sized cupcakes from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m at Cinnabon. Thursday at participating mall locations as part of "Tax Day Bites!" Flavors include Chocolate Passion, 24-Carrot Cake...
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    Cute thread...what's cracking me up in here are the people posting up mommy and daddy stuff yet boasting and challenging people that actually working for their own stuff :lol
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    Pan People...I need some help..

    Looking for Magic Drum Sheet music for the tenor pan...can anybody point me in the right direction?
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    Super Blue Influences

    You smoking something? Let's revisit this conversation: You: Well you the one that said thatcarnival could go on without machel. me: Of course it can. I will not support his nonsense after he disrespected Trinidad carnival by selling out this year...but if carnival could go on without Super...
  18. 1trini-gyal

    Super Blue Influences

    Oh gosh gyul I didn't want people to know that you was de dopey friend!!! LOL Let us speak truth here. I said that Super Blue would be credited with sppeding us up from Calypso to Soca. You said nah that was Sparrow. Why I need to google Sparrow? That is your argument to prove so bring it. And...
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    Super Blue Influences

    like you have a car for anybody to wash...smh :superman2
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    Super Blue Influences

    lol...I would love to see dat! He pick up he teeth and keep it moving! :superman2