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    Party People Memorial Midnight Boatride

    Hey guys, it's Party People's Annual Midnight Boatride on The Elegant Queen of Hearts. Sat 23rd May, 2009. Music by Back to Basic, Anonymous, Spice & G.B. Tickets are $45. For ticket info call Felix @ 646-291-8363 & Jomo 917-558-2856.
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    Old School !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Guys, it’s time for Party People's Annual After Thanksgiving Party on Friday 28th November, 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This year we are calling it “OLD SCHOOL” and we’ve put together four of Brooklyn’s hottest and most experienced DJ’s to make this a spectacular event. We have Back to...
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    JW Impersonates Bunji on Synergy

    Val, this is Hilarious :)
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    Labor Day THURSDAY

    Party People & Top Shelf Promotions Thirsty Thursday's @ The Avenue Ditmars Ave & 89th st. Adm Free before 11:00pm Anonymous, Red Eye & D'Pprofessionals dance1dance1
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    Hey you, how are you doing? it's time for an Imix Reunion...How is the pilot doing? Good to see you guys are still active on Imix.
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    Thank You from P.P.P

    Good morning folks, Party People Promotions would like to thank you all for coming out last Sunday to our annual Cooler Fete “ Soca or Suffer “. I hope you all had a great time as we did dance1 The weather was perfect, the coolers were packed, the Iron section was on like a boil corn &...
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    woman pregnant with child #18

    You're welcome Diva :grin:
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    woman pregnant with child #18

    41-20= 21 :grin:
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    Trinidad Charter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trinidad Send OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year to all, may 2008 bring Prosperity, Joy & Happiness into your lives... The Christmas season is over & 2008 is here so what happens next? It’s the Wining Season so it’s time to Wine. Get your tickets now for Party People &...
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    Prinzez Diva HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    Happy Birthday sweetie ...:bday:bday:bday:bydebar
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    Killer butchers 'romantic rival', watch how yuh horning in trinidad.

    The Moral !!!!!!!!! Of the story, keep & eye out for them ex men, they not playin.. So dem horner men out there, watch yuh eye :grin:
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    Black And White

    Damn, I see you like it rough, I always taught you were more a classy lady..:confused
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    Black And White

    Thanks Peeps Thanks guys for posting that you received your ticket refund in the mail. Peeps always post the bad stuff & not the good stuff. These promoters mean business, they don't want to lose good patrons over some bad management @ Club Castle. Next year they will be back with a bang. dance1
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    Black And White

    I spoke to the members of Isle of Rhumb, they will be sending out a formal apology to all the websites. I know these guys for years & they have always produced a good fete. When you’re in the promotion business things happen. The promoters requested 20 security guards & barriers and the owner of...
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    Miami Fetes which are recommended

    This is the correct Line Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday Oct 3rd, 2007 …… Bacchanal Wednesday promoted by Isle of Rhumb formally Island People, Generation X & Party People Miami...
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    What's up with Broward Carnival !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MIRAMAR City rejects Caribbean carnival at regional park Miramar leaders refused Wednesday to allow an international carnival to be held at the city's regional park Oct. 7. Posted on Thu, Sep. 06, 2007 BY NATALIE P. McNEAL A sharply divided Miramar City Commission shot...
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    Thanks from P.P.P.

    Party People would like to thank you all for coming out to their Cooler Fete last Sunday. I realize the breakfast thing was a bit too much for you guys.There were 5 people in the yard @ 12:00 pm. :grin: I figured you guys forgot about free breakfast between 9:30 am & 11:30 am The young lady...
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    PPP & Rango Blue Safari All-Inclusive!!

    Great pictures Alan ....thanks again ..
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    PPP & Rango Blue Safari All-Inclusive!!

    Hi folks, Party People & Rango would like to thank you all for coming to Blue Safari last Sunday. The weather was just right & you all look outstanding. I must comment on the ladies attire...Ladies !!!!!!!!! you all look so elegant in your lovely dresses. Is this a summer thing or what ? If...
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    Condolences to Yanktiguan and Cavalier

    My condolences to you & your family ...