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    Msg Re: IP Mas Nov. 11 Event - Past and Present Masqueraders

    If you are a registered masquerader and have not received an invitation to the event please send an email to to have your invite forwarded to you. If you are a past Island People Mas member (06,07) and are interested in attending the event, you may also send an email to...
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    Ip Nyc Launch

    Because they are using ID for entry, it will be very difficult to use your friend in arizona to bring additional guests.
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    Ip Nyc Launch

    Please send an email to telling them that you did not receive your invite.
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    IP Individual Costumes

    Well in these days of less is more I guess the bands are just giving into the trend. And how do you define a "true individual"? Is it what tradition dictated? If that is the case half these bands don't have "true costumes" they have glorified bikinis.
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    IP Individual Costumes

    I was talking to an older guy a few nights ago. He's in his 50's. He's been playing mas since the age of 2 and has the pictures to prove it. He plays individual costumes both here for Labor Day and in Trinidad. I mentioned to him this whole debate about the "high" prices of individual mas. He...
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    IP Exclusive!!!!

    Just a note: The bra and belt on the Cheetah costume are entirely sequined. The armpieces are the only parts that are cloth.
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    IP Exclusive!!!!

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    IP Psa

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    Happy Birthday Brownskintrini!!

    Happy Birthday!!! only for you eh wretch am I here...:beee:
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    What happened....

    Ent ppl was in Trinidad for Carnival or was that Diwali? :rolleyes: Steups... boredom is a hell of a ting... I done for the day... Anyhow the post is now clear as day...saving and dieting for Carnival 2k7...In TRINIDAD!!!
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    My Trini Carnival 2k6

    maybe...I've looked the same since i was about 2... btw...I have a couple pics for you...will email them later...
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    What happened.... Here it is...I've edited it so that whomever so idle they did not read the content will leff it ass this time...
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    My Trini Carnival 2k6

    Let me see if I can summarize... Best Fete - Salybia hands down... :dance: Best Experience - Being on the road w/ all my friends and loved ones...nothing beats that ever any year...(missed my brother though):drinks: :friends: Most underrated song - One Island - Nadia Batson (even her Soca...
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    2 Guardian of Hope Frontline

    Costumes available. One male. PM by COB today if interested.
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    Costumes for Sale...

    2 Guardian of Hope Frontline costumes are available. One male. PM if interested by the Close of business today.
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    Australian Wax

    My appt. is in three hours...I think I need a drink.
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    Its 11 o'clock, do YOU know where your passport is?

    Renewed this morning...finally...only took 2 hours...not bad.
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    Ms. Fantasy

    Sorry about that...I made some room for you...
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    It's A Boy!!

    Congratulations Nooner!!!