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    Lord Nelson says he is the King of Soca....

    Here Lord Nelson talks about creating the genre of Soca, meeting The Mighty Sparrow by mistake, who helped start Nello’s career. He also touches on being left out of national Calypso competitions held during Trinidad’s annual carnival, the initial resistance Soca encountered from calypso (kaiso)...
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    Bahamas New Immigration Laws Effected 11/01/2014

    New Immigration Policy To Take Effect Nov. 1st 2014 - YouTube Mother-Father-Children......Even if you are born in the Bahamas to illegal immigrants you will be deported. Their homes / towns will be destroyed.....sad
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    Soca Cruise 2015

    After watching the many pics and views from jamrock reggae cruise 2014 all I can say is wow. Does anyone no if their is a Soca Cruise this Epic? The promoter(s) are genius I must say. Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise - October 20 - 25, 2014 2014 Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise SIZZLE - YouTube
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    Ebola banned in the Caribbean

    How many islands in the Caribbean have a banned of people coming from West Africa countries with Ebola?
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    Carnival in danger in Trinidad and Tobago

    I really do not see how it is in danger but here is the report: A new study titled “Towards Improvement and Excellence Report on Carnival Observations 2012-2014”, has found declining support for the festival and a negative shift in attitudes in relation to how Trinbagonians view the...
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    Top 25 cities with HIV and AIDS rates

    HIV RATES Per 100,000/Cumulative number of cases1 Miami, Florida #### ####37.2/64,5732 Baton Rouge, Louisiana #### ####30.6 /4,5653 Jacksonville, Florida #### ####29.1/ 7,2924 New York, New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania #### 27/ 223,5085 Washington, D.C.-Virginia-Maryland-West Virginia ####...
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    Rip maya angelou

    I was very saddened to learned that we lost great American writer and poet Maya Angelou this morning. May she rest in peace. "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou
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    Ghost Airport in the Caribbean

    Is St Vincent Creating a
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    New date for Miami Carnival

    October 19th 2014 is the new date.....mark your calendars
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    Feeling homesick when I hear this song

    Just seeing Dr. Liburd when you get off the plane make this song come to your mine one time mehson....where me rum punch <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    New Virgin Islands Music 2014
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    Warning Caribbean Airlines

    Reuters) - Authorities in Guyana and the U.S. Embassy there have warned of an unspecified "threat" to Caribbean Airlines flights out of the South American nation. Extra security measures were put in place at Cheddi Jagan International Airport outside the capital Georgetown, but the Trinidad and...
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    Bahamas one gunshot away from being drop by cruise lines

    NASSAU, Bahamas, Wednesday January 15, 2014 – Florida-based maritime lawyer Jim Walker believes that Nassau may be “one gunshot away” from seeing cruise lines drop it from their cruising itineraries. Walker, partner at Walker & O’Neil, a Miami law firm that represents passengers and crew...
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    Machel HD new dancers

    For those of you asking who Machel's new dancers are, they are the Zen Arts Dancers based in LA. Zen Arts is a group of highly trained cirque performers, dancers, artists, and designers. And yes Jade is still dancing for MM. The Zen Arts dancers will be touring with MM for Carnival 2014.
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    Banks Beer Competition 2014

    Banks Beer issues call for 2014 Calendar Girl 11/15/2013 By Colville Mounsey IT is that time again and once more the search is on for the 2014 Banks Beer Calendar Girl. Banks (Barbados) Breweries Limited is once again on the lookout for a strong, confident and attractive young woman, over...
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    St. Lucia man in Canada wins CAD$30 Million in Lotto

    This Christmas will be brighter for St. Lucia-born, Canadian immigrant, Vincent (Tony) Charlemagne, who has finally been able to claim his $30-million lotto jackpot. A regular LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49 player, Charlemagne checked his ticket in August when he went to purchase a ticket for the...
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    Bouyon Music is welcome right here

    There is no special chat for bouyon so for all that are hating on the music step aside......please read zouk and kompa have their own chat not if you do not like the music just do not open the hard is everyone in this place want...
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    Happy 35 years of Independence Dominica

    Nature Island of the Caribbean Happy Independence to you
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    Happy 32nd Anniversary of Independence Antigua and Barbuda

    To all my fellow Wadadlians One Family Celebrating Pride, Vision and Integrity