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  1. DCboy

    Soca Monarch should have a American Idol Style winner

    Where people vote for the winner, because every year its alway somone people feel get robbed.
  2. DCboy

    Why doesn't the WWE get looked into like MLB?

    with steriods related deaths pilling up in the wrestling federation (a big money maker) why doesn't it get investigated like Major League Baseball?
  3. DCboy

    tessanne chin - hideaway

    so one of my favorites songs right about now.....i trying to figure out the genere of music it can go under :confused
  4. DCboy

    So big shot rob, Robert Horry has to be the best role player ever

    7 championships and counting
  5. DCboy

    Tim Duncan The Best Ever?

    On the brink of wining his fourth title and still counting, i believe he is the best power forward to ever play the game. Do islandmix agree?
  6. DCboy

    Toronto People!

    so i coming up this weekend, how is the weather?
  7. DCboy

    Dragon's outfit friday night

    would of been the price of admission if someone had thrown he in the pool.
  8. DCboy

    DC Carnival Update

    wasn't all that.....mud mas of course was the best thing on the road and was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.... no rain....pure sunshine BTW...TABOO....JEEZ N AGES WAS CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY....DESPITE THE 40 MINUTE WAIT IN TRAFFIC TO GET IN THE FETE.
  9. DCboy

    look like it go have plenty wet fete this weekend

    sick leave a go run next week for the working people
  10. DCboy

    Tune for this weekend i don't discriminate though...i taking small bottom gyal too
  11. DCboy

    Its Carnival Time, Free Your Mind, And Party

    Leave Your Worries Behind, Take A Wine, And Parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty I Love This Tune.......carry On!
  12. DCboy

    Off to Zanzibar to watch the game

    Go Soca Warriorsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  13. DCboy

    Breaking News

    I Only Drank Pepsi Once Yesterday!.. Carry On...
  14. DCboy

    Come saturday.......Muddy Wine

    1 of them, 2 of them, send the crew them i would mud dem wit the 3 of them, wit the 4 of them, .....even more of dem i go mud dem muddy wine, my gyal muddy wine mix it up muddy wuk, my gyal muddy wuk watch de gyal dem do the muddy wuk bend yuh back and lift your leg up......... Georgia Ave. i...
  15. DCboy

    Where is KMC?

    i not seeing him on any party for DC Carnival .... what de..:confused
  16. DCboy

    b-MOBILE in the Square live

    KMC on stage concert in the square. roy cape - tuesday Traffik- Wed Xtatik- Thur. Bunji & crew - Fri. live on red 96
  17. DCboy

    Roll Call for Fresh Fete Fridays in DC

    and Back to Basics.....i not sure yet...but these DC people might be ready for new tunes.
  18. DCboy

    so i hear a remix of "Band of the Year"

    and it sound a wholeeeeeeeeee lot better.
  19. DCboy

    Road March

    what allyuh would want to hear
  20. DCboy

    anybody can translate the lyrics in Doi Carnival

    i want to be 100% sure.