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  1. ~Ms. Classy Lady~

    Parents and family members of 10th and 11th grade girls

    Dear Grantee Partners, I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity for internships from the organization, Girls Who Code. They are aggressively recruiting 10th and 11th grade girls to apply to three of their summer immersion programs. There are only 60 spots available and applications...
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    'Ain't nobody got time for that'

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    SO they tried to kill Rick Ross yesterday?

    WTF is up with these dudes,,
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    New York Moms

    Can anyone of you recommend a good pediatrician in Brooklyn?
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    Restaurant and Group etiquette

    When dinning out in a group and you are over the age of sixteen please follow these few simple rules to not look like a cheap ################ who has never been anywhere before. 1)No matter what you eat or drink the bill is going to be split evenly amongst EVERYONE involved including tax and...
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    Congrats Triniboi!

    I dunno if i'm late or not but Wishing you years of love and happiness.
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    Was Segregation during the civil rights movement a blessing in disguise?

    I was having a discussion with my mom a few days ago while we were driving through Williamsburg. We started talking about how the jews in the area are so connected to each other with their own schools, stores etc. She then said black people could've had that had they kept things separate but...
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    What a sick greedy cun*

    Claim seeks $100 million for child survivor of Connecticut school shooting By Mary Ellen Godin | Reuters – 4 hrs ago Email ShareTweet Print Enlarge Photo Reuters/Reuters - A U.S. flag hangs over stockings left as a memorial for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, along a...
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    A mother dealing with a 'future' Adam Lanza...

    Three days before 20 year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, then opened fire on a classroom full of Connecticut kindergartners, my 13-year old son Michael (name changed) missed his bus because he was wearing the wrong color pants. “I can wear these pants,” he said, his tone increasingly...
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    Fellas, what would you do if this was your wife?

    How would you react to seeing these pics of your wife with another man? What should Ice T do?
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    They look great!

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    Can you give a lil more details on the Investment club/Debt free club you had going? It sounds interesting.
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    Sooooooo i tried to twerk this morning. After a few minutes of trying i was out of breath. Thumbs up to those professional twerkers lmao. And don't act like yall haven't tried to see if you can twerk in the mirror lol.
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    Imix Christmas junkies

    I don't know what colors to use this year for christmas tree decorations. Last year was Gold and Darkbrown and the yr before was just Gold. I painted this year so i don't know what color scheme to use that would match the walls. What colors would look good with the Orange back ground?
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    When do you cut the 'Reverse' Umbilical cord?

    AKA Parental Dependency? Yesterday i had a long conversation with a male friend of mine. He's 29 yrs old, somewhat successful, but lives at home with his mom. They used to live in an apartment but they bought a house 2 yrs ago and that's where they have been living. His mom is single and has...
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    Anybody Watching show time at the Apollo on bet?

    Man this brings back so much memories. I must admit it's pretty entertaining. Haven't had the urge to switch channels since it been on.
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    Why aren't they postponeing the elections?

    There are thousands of people on the east coast without electricity and who are displaced and the east coast is mainly blue states. If they don't postpone it, I'm afraid mitt Romney might actually win.
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    Who's back out to work?

    Am i the only one still home?
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    So how will this storm affect our struggling economy?

    Billions in damage, a good chunk of people who can't work( me included) and elections next week with thousands without power..
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    The best Fckin thing everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! It's so good i actually pay for premium access.