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  1. Jugosa_Reina

    Tribal Knights FACKERY

    They are full of sh*t. I'm glad they did NOT win band of the year. I liked my back pack and head piece. Other than that pure Sh*t. Horrible quality costumes, stink attitudes, rudeness, lies, unorganized, Not professional AT ALL. That is all...
  2. Jugosa_Reina

    Immigration Question???

    I have a quick question if anyone can help please. What type of information should be provided on a Job Letter???? Thanks
  3. Jugosa_Reina


    Who wants mine???? I think I'm done with imix.
  4. Jugosa_Reina


    Come in here love :luv Let's chat
  5. Jugosa_Reina

    So I am officially bald

    :sorry: I don't really know about this yet. Looks pretty good but I cried as the hair fell to the floor. Any who MCL where are your videos? Styling tips for super short hair? Thanks in advance
  6. Jugosa_Reina

    So I have decided.....

    To cut my hair short. Post some pics and ideas of what you think will fit my face. Nothing over chin length. Color???? Thanks :drinks:
  7. Jugosa_Reina

    At the Airport

    So I'm at the airport and it is raining :cray: My plane is going to be delayed, meaning I may miss my 2nd one. I am soooooo bored. Entertain me
  8. Jugosa_Reina

    SRB I love you

    :kiss: You are the best O yeah and shit the truth ent neva lie :D
  9. Jugosa_Reina

    50,000 Credits

    :dance: Yeah so I'm over the 50k mark now :beach:
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    :brunette: Thanks Pa but come in please and tell me why you did that :D
  11. Jugosa_Reina

    Miami for memorial Day weekend

    :dance:Who's going and what are you getting into??? Any parties you would recommend? Sights to see? Things to do? Let us know :polling:
  12. Jugosa_Reina

    I am soooooooooo Facking Bored

    I hate this shite. I will never play futbol again :headbang
  13. Jugosa_Reina

    Some funny Shit I came across while bored at work browsing the net

    Their were tons more but these few stood out to me. Tell me what yall think :security:
  14. Jugosa_Reina

    This shit is sooo sick. I swear I almost threw up

    Yeah so some jackass sent this to me. Said it's the sickest video of 2009. I am thinking a music video and this is what I get. Uggghh I am sick to my stomach. I hate Blood :feelsick Welcome to 1 guy and 1 cup. Hey thats not the name of the link that showed up when it was...
  15. Jugosa_Reina

    Sprint or Tmobile

    Ok, my contract is now up with AT&T and I could not be any more happier. They are expensive for no reason, and heartless. I am interested in getting a new blackberry but I do not know which service provider to go with. Tmobile or Sprint? I have done research but I am still indecisive. Please...