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  1. triniameri

    I Spy with My Little Eye

    Dragon baby up on a stage in DC for Release Therapy!!💋💋💋💋💋
  2. triniameri

    Alittle question about..."love"

    hello...hello...hello :) (in my best Kes voice) so sorry this place is like a graveyard.....RIP IMIX:( <marquee>:(:skull::(:skull::(:skull:</marquee>
  3. triniameri

    EARLY 2018 Soca Tunes!

  4. triniameri

    Is this what IMIX turn into...

    I miss allyuh!:luv
  5. triniameri

    Dip | Shal Marshall ....chunnnnnnnnnnne!!

    Socapro my only fault with this tune is that it's waaaaay too short....I know they have other tunes on the Force It riddum but this one is my favorite!! lawd it bad and I am so glad no one is at work today so I can bruk out!!
  6. triniameri

    Dip | Shal Marshall ....chunnnnnnnnnnne!!

    this tune right here is :fyah <marquee>dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1</marquee>
  7. triniameri

    Uncle Ellis - I doh mind. Official Music Video 2017

    Not going to lie...this video brought tears to my eyes...I just really hope that his management team is truly looking out for him and not taking advantage...he has such a sweet soul and I am truly happy for him! Tune bad!! dance1
  8. triniameri

    Benjai Soca 2017 | Pee Down She Self

    I have to agree ! I love country music for the same reason:kicks
  9. triniameri

    Benjai Soca 2017 | Pee Down She Self

    Thoughts?...IMO the tune is wicked even though the content is rude...very jokesy! What allyuh think? :polling:
  10. triniameri

    The non supporters of Trump, how allyuh feel now ?

    America's Ultimate Cliche... A Rich White Man With No Experience Get's Elected Disappointed he won even more disappointed with cabinet choices he is making...only time will tell...I don't plan on attending the Inauguration this year not even to wave goodbye to the Obamas...smh I feel I might...
  11. triniameri

    New Machel Montano - FAST WINE!

    <marquee>dance1 F dance1 Adance1 S dance1 T dance1 W dance1 I dance1 N dance1 E </marquee>
  12. triniameri

    Kool runnings

    muah! what's good doudou?:luv Merry Christmas to you and the family!
  13. triniameri

    Kes - Wine Up

    me likedance1dance1
  14. triniameri

    Leave Me Alone Calypso Rose feat. Machel Montano :dance: :dance:
  15. triniameri

    Lupita - The Chocolate Goddess

    the slayage is "too real" #blackgirlmagic
  16. triniameri

    do any women post in backchat anymore....?

    You probably know my ex sweetheart Chris H...small world!
  17. triniameri

    do any women post in backchat anymore....?

    Hello everyone ..Happy New Year ! :) * runs back out..peeping from afar*