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    **Official "V" Thread**

    great episiode. best season finale i have seen so far
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    NBC cancels "Heroes," "Mercy" , "Trauma" & "Law & Order"

    NBC cancels "Heroes," "Mercy" , "Trauma" & "Law & Order" NBC cancels Heroes, Mercy and Trauma | Entertainment | Reuters
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    Favourite seafood?

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    Iron man 2

    the center had a long lull with little action. aprat from that it was fine
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    **Official "V" Thread**

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    4/10 boring.
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    **Official "V" Thread**

    Even more so now Agreed
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    Problem with Youtube...

    And last night is when i experienced the issues. I was using it on chrome which like youtube is owned by google..........
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    Come lets share your opinions on this..

    as long as you dont start using name i dont see why not... Hi MCL usually msn or fb
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    Problem with Youtube...

    The made changes recently and its has been having errors since
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    iPhone HD & Verizon

    its would never happen as it goes against their minimalist philosophy
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    Playstation 3 Users

    will do later. :drinks:
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    iPhone HD & Verizon

    I thought they were going to dump ATT as their contract was up this year however with the release of the ipad and its 3g chip & service to be run on ATT 3g service i have doubts about it. Unless of course they decide to simply NOT to have a contract with any service provider..
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    iPhone HD & Verizon

    its a policy or technological restrictions I notice iphone on tmobile cannot use edge service while using voice as well
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    Term Limits For Congressmen

    agree include supreme court
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    PlayStation Move