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  1. TriniTrini

    Haitian Arts Soiree and Fundraiser

    Oooo, I missed a good one.
  2. TriniTrini

    Haiti Food and Spirits Festival

    This looks good.
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    Official Walking Dead Season 3 Thread

    :yahoo: I have been waiting for too long! :yahoo: Going to watch last season episodes leading up to Sunday 9pm
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    Trini artist developments

    Well-known equals domination because people request the well known. People easily remember the well-known because they are well known after all. People go to shows with the well-known. It is nice when the line up is spliced in with a newbie so they get a chance to shine. The up and coming have...
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    The fragility of Soca

    Bottom-line whatever the genre is sung at a concert or show it has to move the crowd. Ta-ta is a waste of everyone's time and a vibe killer until the next act comes on.
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    5 tips to curb sugar cravings

    Thanks LB. I have to view this when I am a little more awake. I skimmed it and I can definitely use this. I took a nutrition class earlier this month and after that class my craving for sweets and consumption of carbohydrates has decreased. I also look at cakes, pastries, chocolate in a...
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    Staying healthy and fit.

    I work had to stay fit so that I will have a slim and sexy physical appearance because that is my ideal look. Most importantly I work out to maintain optimal health since I have one body and I need to keep it fit so that I can be self-sufficient in my 70s and above.
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    Get on your feet and join me in working out!!!!

    My goal is to become very physically fit and toned. My objective is to be exercise every day and work out in various places to meet that goal. Tasks include bike riding, aerobics, exercise classes, working with a personal trainer in July for 10 classes. Today I completed one task. I did a 1...
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    Who watches AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    Attention... Attention... Leading up to the Season Finale tonight at 9pm they are showing all the episodes for this season. The marathon started prior to 12 noon today Laters...
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    Ladies: What does education really mean to you?

    An accomplishment. I succeeded at taking courses, passing them and graduating. I have earned a diploma. I have also earned certifications. A stepping stone. I earned certificates and a degree and am qualified to always use it to pursue a job or career. I will be respected by various...
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    Guyana’s Alana Seebaran wins Miss India Worldwide

    She has a lovely smile. Congrats to her.
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    Who watches AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    Tonight Rick and Shane are in conflict over the fate of an outsider; Andrea helps Hershel's daughter face a crucial decision. Yup tikreyol all caught up!
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    VP, I need your help

    Thank you very informative! I happen to have heard about each of the popular artists you listed thanks to you and the others on imix. That is why I love checking out soca chat, you can learn a lot about various artists Any of them from Grenadines or all have ties to St Vincent? Trinidad and...
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    What's for dinner tonight??

    Very nice Nica. The lobster mac n cheese and chicken and waffles w/ gravy looks very tasty. It is also very creative.
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    Should the Trinidad government put a limit on public nudity around Carnival?

    Various ages want to see the McFarlane type of costumes from young to old. Older mas lovers don't always intend to gravitate to the McFarlanes of the world. Most but not all since I see varying ages in the bikini mas, in various regions of Trinidad and Tobago. People will love what they love...
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    What 'Road March' they talking 'bout?

    :kicks: I understand what you mean about listener fatigue. They need to stop overplaying a few songs ova and ova and ova and ova on the road. There are so many songs that don't even get a bligh steups
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    What 'Road March' they talking 'bout?

    Cater to your audience to some degree and play some requests at least is what I say. Some requests might not be fitting I suspect but at least play a few requests. Some DJs just like themselves too much