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    VP, I need your help

    Leh me know when you are around please
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    What's your plan for today?

    For me Housework Looking into my finances, sorting some mail Cooking some food which includes steamed broccoli and a dish with string beans. Might also make some macaroni pie but perhaps tomorrow. Relaxing every now and then.
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    To Write Love On Her Arms (March 1st event)

    Taken from a website: Link: To Write Love on Her Arms > Home
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    Replace National Anthem

    Agree or Disagree? Link: Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : :
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    Any islandmix competitions this year?

    During Spring or Summer 2012? Anyone interested in seeing some happen?
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    Any ISM should only have 1 or two rep from each soca nation only!!

    Ah Lie? Nuff Respect Rachel!
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    Upcoming Caribbean Pagents in NY

    Who has the dates? Is the Miss TNT NY still continuing on?
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    Dearest Trinbagonians come like yuhself

    Using articles from various Trinbagonian websites please share the good goings on please. Caution: This is not a thread to diss another nation or act like we better than the world. This is also not a thread to come say negatives about Trinbagonians. Feel free to create your own thread if that...
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    Dearest Members who are Democrats (or like Democrat's ideals)

    Can you please..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Name 10 things President George W. Bush (the son) has done right? No dotishness eh.
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    Dearest Members who are Republicans (or like Republican ideals)

    Can you please . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Name 10 things President Obama has done right. No dotishness eh.
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    Continuing the Culture in Trinidad and Tobago

    Ok we have the greats... our foundation when it comes to mas, pan, dance and music, to name a few Name some icons in our culture you know of and name some younger people who are continuing the culture by creating great mas, more mastery for pan, dance, and music to name a few e.g. Rosalind...
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    The Hasely Crawford National Stadium

    Can someone explain to me why the toilets and other areas have not been improved in the last x amount of years?????
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    I need your help choosing a hairstyle... suggests please

    Ok so I just took out my braids.... getting my hair ready to wash it then go pay someone to braid it. I am kinda wanting to have them plait/twist my hair since it is a nice length afro now (guessing 6 - 8 inches). Any suggestions for a hairstyle minus packaged hair? Any suggestions for a...
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    A Great Show, Carnival In Dominica

    Talk yuh talk :polling:
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    Post the two songs from the Calypso King or Queen from your country 2012

    The year is young so as your Carnivals come for 2012 please post the songs for the Calypso King or Queen. Thank you.
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    A Great Show, Carnival in Brazil

    Talk yuh talk :polling:
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    A Great Show, Mardi Gras in New Orleans

    Talk yuh talk :polling:
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    A Great Show, Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

    Talk yuh Talk :polling:
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    Bobby Brown's statement Saturday....

    Well like most reports of incidents I was not there. I don't know all that went on. Most of us don't know what went on. Sadly we have to rely on what others said. How do we know what is true? Or how much is the truth. There are a lot of things not known to me, what really went on in the...