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    What do you really think about Canadians...?

    Chinese got nothing on Guyanese driving. Chinese go 75 kmph in the left lane of a highway.
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    What do you really think about Canadians...?

    No, we is the ones always cutting you off on the highway.
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    Dragon & Fiyah -- The Duet.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    What do you really think about Canadians...?

    Canadians is like Guyanese. Everyone generalizes but no one really knows. :duck :duck :duck :duck
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    Automatic Car starters

    can't see any reason why not. Unless you have a club on the steering wheel
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    Automatic Car starters

    cons: they don't always work. I heard about a guy with a cutomized car with no handles just a remote thing to open the door and turn on the car. NO key. One time the thing stop working and he couldn't go nowhere. Had to hotwire his own car.
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    You look like

    People say I'm Italian... Italians are cool right?
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    Sizzla featured in Juelz Santana's Video

    Santana and Cam'ron are SO out of place. And what's up with the whole "show-down" thing? Look like something from Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video.
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    Why Do People Walk By My Desk...

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    pic of the day...

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    The friendliest Carribean island

    Any island is going to be kind to a tourist. Especially one who advertising they country.
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    Hey! Everybody GONE:

    oh... I need to update my music...
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    Famous Mug Shots...

    It's like a reverse of halloween. Yuh want she to put de mask back on!
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    Funny Signs
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    Famous Mug Shots...

    More than once? :rofl: He's probly got a rap-sheet the size of King Kong's toilett paper.
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    Famous Mug Shots...

    Agree with what?
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    Hey! Everybody GONE:

    Get Mad now by Machel Montano?
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    Famous Mug Shots...

    besides the jaw-droppi difference in the two pics.... I'd say she's a mushroom kinda girl.