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  1. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Happy Birthday Midnight Robber!!!

    Doo Doo Darlin'!!!! Shit meyne Deym!!!! Green eggs and heym, Seym I am, I wanna see Peym!!!!!! :kicks :bday Happy Birthday Midnight Robber!!! :bday May the Lord bless you with many more happy birthdays, and when they're not so happy, I hope you will be able to share them with the person you...
  2. Hot_Trini_Ting


    "Stagnant"....OUR RELATIONSHIP Panman06!!!! :kicks
  3. Hot_Trini_Ting


    If anybody is coming remotely close to Canada, please bring cerise (peppa cherries), not the sweet ones though...;) :p Only peppa!!!! :fyah
  4. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Last Chance...

    Last chance for all yuh imixers to jump in yuh cars, jump on a bus, or hop on a plane, and head up north to MontReal for carnival. All the TRUE west indians will be there;) :kicks, gettin' on bad of course...
  5. Hot_Trini_Ting

    It's Sad

    No, I was only there for Christmas...My daughter was born April 2000...Don't you love that our kids are born in the year 2000, you can always know their age by what year we are in :kicks
  6. Hot_Trini_Ting

    It's Sad

    I strongly agree with what you're saying... My sister went to the hair dresser in Trinidad, and payed about ten dollars Canadian, $6 U.S, to get a colour, cut, and style!!!
  7. Hot_Trini_Ting

    It's Sad

    When was your daughter born? Because when I was in Trinidad in 2000 I was pregnant also...:)
  8. Hot_Trini_Ting

    It's Sad

    I think that it's sad that West indians are being robbed. Last time I went to Trinidad, I went into the pharmacy to buy some tooth paste, I wanted I brand that I knew, but when I looked at the price I nearly vomit :feelsick. When you turned it back into Canadian dollars it was about triple the...
  9. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Who Comin' to get on Bad?

    Re: Re: Who Comin' to get on Bad? That's sad that the Islandmix Appreciation fete is the same day as our carnival, it shows how much respect they have for us and our carnival :(
  10. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Who Comin' to get on Bad?

    I just want to know how many of you Imixers are coming to MontReal, Canada for our carnival...It should be good this year considering hardly anyone is going to Toronto because everybody 'fraid S.A.R.S :eek: :ohgosh, so Montreal will be representing for Canada this year. All you Americans should...
  11. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Yuh imix wife/husband

    I don't have an Imix husband either :(
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    I have a three year old daughter, and I love her so much it's scary man :eek:, I think I love her more than myself. But when I got pregnant I was 16 years old, and both my parents are Trini, you know how west indian parents could be, abortion is probably the first thing that comes to peoples...
  13. Hot_Trini_Ting

    How much do you depend on your man/woman

    Well, I don't really depend on my hubby. I think it's because I have a daughter who depends on me, so I have to be really independent. But that doesn't mean that I can't depend on my man to help me out if I needed it.
  14. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Its almost lunch time

    I would tell you bring one for me, but the heat might melt my igloo, and if my igloo melts, how will I be able to hunt for spiders? :kicks
  15. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Happy Birthday Panman06

    Yeah, what Monty said :angel1
  16. Hot_Trini_Ting


    No, she just tell meh she ain't goin':(...How dare she put school before party!!!! :eek: :p
  17. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Happy Birthday Panman06

    I didn't spoil anything...I thought we decided that we were going to get him the "lipstick" instead ;), you know it would make de gyuls happy :kicks.
  18. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Happy Birthday Panman06

    :kicks Hot_Trini_Ting has also fainted...
  19. Hot_Trini_Ting

    Happy Birthday Panman06

    :bday Happy birthday darlin', I hope all your birthday wishes come true...:bday P.S. Have you seen the "ring" lately?;)
  20. Hot_Trini_Ting


    Guys, I'm trying to find out who sings this old school song, but I can't remember too many of the words. A woman sings it, and there's a part where she says: "Footsteps on the dance floor, remind me baby of you..." Does anyone know what I'm talking about?:confused