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  1. Socaboy

    Miami Send off Mix CD

    For all those interested, click the link to download our latest mix CD... Bless Close Connections - Miami Heat 2k7
  2. Socaboy

    Travelling To Carnivals

    So when it comes to planning your trips to carnivals, do you guys normally book in groups or do you just book for yuhself and done? When I say book in groups, I mean with yuh crew and ting, do you guys all try to get the same flight? Personally when I know I hittin ah carnival I just make my...
  3. Socaboy

    Bringing first timers to T&T Carnival

    How many of you have done this before? How did the newbies enjoy it? Would you do it again? I'm personally on the fence when it comes to bringing first timers to T&T carnival. I doh mind doing it for Miami or other local carnivals, but T&T is ah different beast. I move a certain way when I...
  4. Socaboy

    The Official Carnival Pose

    So when exactly did the official carnival pose become the norm? Allyuh know the pose I talkin about, everybody has ah picture with one leg kick up in d air!
  5. Socaboy

    Hey CC...

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . look At Meh Pants!!!! Look At Meh Shoe!!!! Look At Meh T- Shirt!!!! And Even Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
  6. Socaboy

    Ah Love It - 3 Canal

    Though "Good Morning" is meh favorite from 3 Canal this year, this next tune "Ah Love It" real wicked too...
  7. Socaboy

    Something is Wrong!

    This is the most time I ever spend in CC...ah feel allyuh wukkin obeah in here...STOP IT!!!
  8. Socaboy

    NCAA Brackets...

    Did anybody set up any kinda online NCAA tournament pool/group for IMIX?
  9. Socaboy

    Socaboy's Journey 2 Trinidad...(it was just meant to be)

    Scheduled Departure Date & Time: Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007, 12:00 PM -> HIGH NOON! Itinerary: 12pm American Airlines - JFK to MIA...3pm arrival 4:10pm AA - MIA to POS...8:45pm arrival Monday, Feb. 12, 2007: So ah dey watchin the weather channel, and hearing about this massive storm...
  10. Socaboy

    Am I The only One...

    That hasn't started packin as yet? Allyuh start packin since 2006, wha de ass goin on here!
  11. Socaboy

    Myspace: Caribbean Artist, Producers, Labels And Djs

    Use this thread to put up links :D: I'll start
  12. Socaboy

    This is Hilarious!!!!

    Yo, I doh know if this was posted here already, but this clip was from some radio station, just hilarious...
  13. Socaboy

    3 Canal - "Mornin' Neighbour"

    Wicked tune!!!
  14. Socaboy

    Groovy & Soca Monarch Semi Finalists

    Here's a list of some of the people that will be in the Semi Finals, I missed a couple of names in both categories, but this is most of them: Groovy Soca Semi Finals: Ansel Harris, Blacks Dan, Chucky, Crazy, Terri Seales, Crossovah, Gary Cordner, Johnny King, Fireball, Pelf, Oscar B, Tony...
  15. Socaboy

    Shurwayne "Heavy Load"

    Nice new tune from Shurwayne...NO LINK!
  16. Socaboy

    Shadow "I Wish"

    If you like Shadow you goh love this one...boss tune.
  17. Socaboy

    3suns & Shadow - "Until There's Love"

    Feeling that tune dey...NOPE! No Link...:drinks:
  18. Socaboy

    Olatunji "Cry Of The Nation"

    Another nice tune by this fella! I have to say I really am impressed with his music. Somewhat to keep an eye on...
  19. Socaboy

    Olatunji Yearwood - J'ouvert

    Real sweet tune dey...
  20. Socaboy

    Mr Vybe - Mash It Up Again

    Wicked follow up for Vybe, tune is bad, musically using a lot of "ole time" styles, love it!