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  1. rayt2009

    who now is the Queen or new Queen of Soca ?

    So nobody catching feelings for Nadia Batson huh?
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    Soca monarch 2017 Results

    All videos were examples of stadiums being destroyed.
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    Explaining the difference between Soca and Dancehall to someone from outside.

    Aidonia's version to me was more of the daggerin/dancehall stuff that I rarely to never lesson to just based on the instrumentation to me. As for Buddy, i'm mad that I actually listened to it and never even bring it up. lol
  5. rayt2009

    Explaining the difference between Soca and Dancehall to someone from outside.

    lmao! @ bktrini305. I have played several songs besides them joints for people. Besides, some of the parties I go to when i'm bored, they still playin old school Sean Paul and etc like it's still current. Like I said people gotta wanna do the research and etc. All I can do is show em. Carib2...
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    Explaining the difference between Soca and Dancehall to someone from outside.

    That's what most identify with. You put on any of them joints on still, folx still move. Especially Elephant man's shyt.
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    Explaining the difference between Soca and Dancehall to someone from outside.

    As a american dude, I did the research for the difference. So I tell folx that Turn me on is soca and Pon di River is dancehall. Then you get an enlightenment look on their face afterwards.
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    Official International Soca Monarch 2015 Finals Thread

    Just got done watching most of the soca monarch that was up on youtube and surrounding sites. I gotta say that power is at a dismal level in terms of what it had to offer. I looked at Shurwayne's performance was just looking at it like " did this shyt before for groovy that...
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    what y'all think i should do?

    As Ras said, file on em, get all your ducks in a row, and bomb on his mark ass. He aint no friend if he's throwing shade behind your back and trying to ################ with ya bread mami. (NOTE: Haven't read the updates in this thread. Since i'm sitting foot in dis #################### for the...
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    Walking Dead Season 5

    Not gonna lie. I teared up during the reunion of Rick and Co / Carol and Tyrese. This was an awesome episode. And the easter egg at the end with an old familiar face still looking for rick from the first season had me geeked. Damn fine opener. Bout to go watch it again...
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    *Random Thoughts Thread Volume V*

    Watching Sonny Chiba kick ass and I come back to see what's on backchat. Let's see: i,'m about a year and a half behind on soda and Caribbean music as a whole. And I see we have them material on here going since I last left. Cool.
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    Soul Power: Music festival in Zaire 1974

    This was an epic show. Got it saved to my dvr. Was moved by Ceila Cruz' stirring performance and Bill Withers moved me to shed a tear. Great Show. JB = GOAT
  13. rayt2009

    Post Racial Amerikkka

    How long r ppl gonna keep saying this post racial America b4 they finally realize that shyt ain't changed when it comes to race relationships in this country? Smh....
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    It's Friday. Did you learn anything this week?

    Learnt: Go ARSENAL!! NBA playoffs start the weekend. Go Spurs. Scandal was a must see...too bad I dont watch it. Game of Thrones got real as phuck. Phuck Joffrey. Captain America 3 was the shyt. As for the vid...nice to peek in for a smooth. <iframe width="420" height="315"...
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    The NAACP say people like me are GOP Mouthpiece

    The real sheep are folx who actually believe that the govt even two shuts about what u think. Politics is bullshyt across the board. Learn to deal with that fact first. Party dyck riding is foolish.
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    Haunted - Machel Montano

    If this is his road march tune, then I'm gonna need Bunji, Blaxx, or sumbody else to come bettah. This shyt right here is a nice concert peice but hopefully not road march. Then again, what do I know?
  17. rayt2009

    Imix you ever had ah Guy/Gyal

    Yeah but in the doesnt even matter (no LP)