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  1. GoodAszBunnie

    Labor Day (WIADCA) Results 2012

    Chpzzz..people had already predict Ramajay was gonna win since last next year Sesame come and win
  2. GoodAszBunnie

    here it is brother's.... come get it..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd like a name change to "Bacchanalist" please and thanks!
  3. GoodAszBunnie

    Not sure if....

    Lol I said the same thing..can't deal with the on and off
  4. GoodAszBunnie

    Not sure if....

    Chpzzz they need to fix their shit only sticking every 5mins
  5. GoodAszBunnie

    Not sure if....

    Wtf it's offline and I'm not seeing anything
  6. GoodAszBunnie

    Not sure if....

    Good to hear
  7. GoodAszBunnie

    Not sure if....

    Im good hun and you?
  8. GoodAszBunnie

    Not sure if....

    JAY BLESSED on USTREAM: Get the real scoop on your celebs, people of interest, all the big stories & everything dominating the Caribbean entertainment land...
  9. GoodAszBunnie

    Back from the Parkway, I had a nice time !

    YOU CVNT I said most of the bands crossed the stage before that time ... at 5 I was already making my way away from the parkway
  10. GoodAszBunnie

    Back from the Parkway, I had a nice time !

    Yea around that time most of the bands had already crossed the stage
  11. GoodAszBunnie

    Sexiest Labor Day Cuties 2012

    I jus wear the cover ups Miss ya 2 hun!
  12. GoodAszBunnie

    What was your personal road march this year?

    Bottle of rum Peoples champion Dutty Mr.Fete Bachannalist/Vibes cyah done I am soca Bartender
  13. GoodAszBunnie

    Sexiest Labor Day Cuties 2012

    I was never a fan of wearing pantyhose for carnival the less covering the better lol
  14. GoodAszBunnie

    People are DUMB.....

    Everybody there so worried about the dog where's the concern for the man possibly dying on the ground
  15. GoodAszBunnie

    Carnival make-up!!!

    Thank you ladies...I like these pics..hopefully the make up artist do it right this time around..Thanks for the help!
  16. GoodAszBunnie

    If your friend posted a pic like this of you to FB

    Yes if it's only my friends and I in the bathroom
  17. GoodAszBunnie

    Carnival make-up!!!

    Hii Mixers! I'm in need of some nice carnival make-up(with rhinestones) ideas. I've searched high and low for some good ones but came up with nothing. I would appreciate if you guys post some here. Thank you !!!!
  18. GoodAszBunnie

    For Those Who Have Perfect Lives on Imix

    My life is not perfect but in order to stay happy I pray and try to stay positive!
  19. GoodAszBunnie

    Today's Friday.. what'd you learn this week???

    I learned that Kes is getting married........................................ That's about it :brunette: