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  1. wukkinup

    2010 UK Soca Monarch

    I must admit it was a really good show!!! 1st place - Soca Johnny 2nd place - Trniboy Joocie 3rd place - Muzik lil Muzik I must give mention to Nikisha and Ms Desire for a fabulous job!!
  2. wukkinup

    "In de Dance"- DJ Muggsy & K'9 ft Jalena - Soca Track
  3. wukkinup

    Vincy Mas 09

    ...anybody know the exact dates?
  4. wukkinup

    Rita Jones - The Test

    I heard it on toronto lime...i dont know how to post de link....but anyways...i love!!!
  5. wukkinup

    "FEELING IT"- Tabia Ft. Luta

    I love this song!! Great job guys! You can hear it on Lutas myspace page! - Luta - Other -
  6. wukkinup

    New BVI artist

  7. wukkinup

    Dominica Carnival

    Can anyone give me the exact dates and scedule of events?
  8. wukkinup

    V.I. Producers

    Does anyone know of any producers in the Virgin Islands?? Names? Contacts? Links?
  9. wukkinup

    Carnival ah Come-NigelNicholas and Jalena

    What yall think? Putfile - Carnival ah Come Nigel Nicholas Jalena
  10. wukkinup

    Vincy radio stations

    Anybody have any links to vincy radio stations where i can listen online???
  11. wukkinup

    Reggae question

    There is this song by a female artist called "Float away" I think thats what its called)...anyone know the name of the artist? :confused
  12. wukkinup

    Onyan Contact info

    Anybody have contact info for Onyan and Burning Flames??
  13. wukkinup

    Who said Vincy is a "small island"????

    That place big no Ra$$!!!!!!
  14. wukkinup

    Question 4 de VINCIES (once again)

    Whats de lime in Vincy from the 3rd to the 9th of january??? I want o Party!!!
  15. wukkinup please!

    I'll be in St Vincent from the 3rd of January for a week. Does anyone know of any websites for guesthouses or hotels (um...i on a budget too) Thanks!
  16. wukkinup

    Music Video Production in the Caribbean

    Does anyone know of any companies that make music videos in the Caribbean??
  17. wukkinup

    Creole Fest

    Anybody gonna be in DA for the creole fest??
  18. wukkinup

    Whats good in St Lucia???

    ...From the 15th of October to the 22nd? I'll be there from this sunday for a week and i lookin place to lime/tings to do?
  19. wukkinup

    Xtaushun from St Croix

    Anyone know if this band will be in New York anytime soon. Also, anyone know if they have a website?
  20. wukkinup

    Xtaushun from St roix

    Anyone know if this band is gonna be in New york any time soon?? Also, anyone know if they have a website?