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  1. wukkinup

    JALENA - GUNSHOT : #1 On Tempo...where the Love ?

    lol dude...i been on i-mix. I just dont post much.
  2. wukkinup

    LAVAMAN--Gyal Alone--Spicemas 2012

    It sure did. Love it!
  3. wukkinup

    st. john carnival 2012

    The Virgin Islands.
  4. wukkinup


    Shes awesome!!! Im a huge fan!!!!!!!!!
  5. wukkinup

    V.I. Releases - Crucian Festival 2010/2011

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  6. wukkinup

    2010 UK Soca Monarch

    I must admit it was a really good show!!! 1st place - Soca Johnny 2nd place - Trniboy Joocie 3rd place - Muzik lil Muzik I must give mention to Nikisha and Ms Desire for a fabulous job!!
  7. wukkinup

    The alternative to the labor day parade

    Now THAT sounds like a plan!!!!!!
  8. wukkinup

    Antigua 2k10 Soca Monarch Results

    Its not working for me...all i seeing is some kinda documentary.
  9. wukkinup

    Caribbean Soca Monarch 2010

    I totally disrespect to my Lucians.
  10. wukkinup

    Caribbean Soca Monarch 2010

    Yes he is...but Pringles is a Lucian...and thats who he performed the song with :read:
  11. wukkinup

    Caribbean Soca Monarch 2010

    So Lucians placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd....hmmm.
  12. wukkinup

    Skinny Fabulous F.Machel Montano- DURACELL PLUS [2010]

    I actually thin skinny is one of the best performers in soca right i dont get what some of yall are trying to say. But hey....its all a matter of personal opinion isnt it. G'night. :-)
  13. wukkinup

    New Claudette Peters- Candy

    Where can we hear the song!! Post a link!!! :-D