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    What's up with this recent explosion of "man love"?

    It started with that Chuck and Larry movie. Then you had Lil Wayne and Baby braggin about kissing each other. Now you got Bromance, I Love You Man... what else is on the horizon?
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    What exactly is Trini Dub???

    OK so im searching, and im looking for that I Sasha song and that Marlon Asher song. Im in a real reggae mood, and Trini has been putting out some hott reggae music. So I look in the reggae section... it's not there. I wipe my eyes and look again. Is this possible? cant be...
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    I Vex... Where's My Thread About Trini People??? It say "Moved"... but I cant find it anywhere. I would add another of my two cents, but I dont think yall would be able to handle dat either.
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    No talk bout Bunji B-day Party this weekend???

    How come no one talk bout d Bunji birthday ting this weekend???
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    Band of D Year vs. Carnival Country

    I think Carnival Country is a lil better. Especially when Bunji say "Give Me D Signal". That song is full of energy.
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    Whats that one song that gets you off your seat?

    For me its.... Pump Me Up! Thats always a party starter... Also.. Body Water and Right Up In Deh gets me on the dance floor.
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    Enjoy Ya Self Up In D Mas....

    Kuz Ya Never Know It May Be Ya Last... Who sing that? thats my new favorite song.
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    DUSK TILL DAWN... Sept. 2???

    Anyone got any info on this fete? I heard its at c pac.
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    Screw Wet Fete!!!

    screw wet fete! yall some over selling ticket bastards... i got there at 4:00 PM and didnt get in. what type of shiznit is that??? I want my money back!!!! yall pulled a wild water kingdom with this one. P.S. - see yall next year. (im getting there 12 on the dot SON!)