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  1. illuminati

    well, well, well...

    all this new-ness on imix and somethings never change: vincypowa :kicks red pole :nhl_fight bake-n-shark :friends: who is else here?
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    imix is like a soap opera

    you could loose track for 10 yrs., tune in and pick up where you left off... :read:
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    keeping with the quiz theme

    just because i'm bored... my favorite soca and/or reggae song is: my favorite R&B/rap/hip-hop song is: you couldn't tell by looking at me, but i also love listening to: my mystery wo/man is: if i could foop one person past or present, it would be: i would/would've fooped my (fill in blank)...
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    Kanye engaged?

    MSNBC Article LOS ANGELES - Superstar rapper Kanye West is engaged to marry his girlfriend, People magazine reported Friday. The magazine’s Web site, citing unnamed sources close to the singer, said West, 29, proposed to his girlfriend, Alexis, during a recent overseas trip, but added that the...
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    Sensitive types

    how do you tell sensitive folks about themselves or tell them something they may not want to hear w/o them overreacting? since i'm mean, i need some of you that get alot of practice dealing with the sensitive types on imix, to help me out... :read:
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    How many times...

    can a supervisor or co-worker ask you a question about something you may or may not have done before you get visibly frustrated? my limit is 3. third times a charm. i almost cuss someone this morning over that. :butcher:
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    i was grocery shopping today and this older west indian lady (i couldn't place the accent) asked me to read a label for her. it read: "Roasted Garlic & Onions." She then asked me what was "roasted?" i was like "roasted." i explained to her how they roast the garlic and onions and then she...
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    For the Bajans...

  9. illuminati

    FIFA stepping up to racism

    since i'm not an avid soccer fan, i found this incredible. it's good to hear FIFA officials stepping up and not making excuses for racist behaviors. i know i'm way late about this, but i just watched a vignet on ESPN. below is one of many related articles from other ESPN links on...
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    I'm not thinking of a title. Just look at the damn post.

    when asked in a job interview, how do you multi-task in your job, how do/did you effectively answer this question? if i was a prostitute, it'd be easy, but i digress... do you just talk about a task in detail??? :dntknw:
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    Taj's sig again

    *turns into eddie murphy preacher from coming to america* i know there's a god somewhere who sits on high and looks down low! and Iiiiiiiii wanna praise his name! but now since d'angelo has gained weight, i'll be his trainer... :blush2:
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    What were some of the things as a child

    you wondered about that know you know better? i remember when i was 5 or 6, i was looking at some pictures of my mom when she was younger and asked her, "what was it like in black and white times before color? how did you know if you were matching?" :dntknw:
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    No Good Morning Post?

  14. illuminati

    Kobe changes jersey number

    what do you think of kobe changing his number from 8 to 24? and the meaning behind it?
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    Ricky Williams

    how many chances are they going to give this man before they realize he doesn't take his job or football seriously anymore?
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    thread done!

  17. illuminati

    Eating funky food at your desk

    if you are eating onions, garlic and some unidentifiable meat, please eat it in the break room or outdoors. Thank you. This P.S.A. has been brought to you by PRIMETIME ILLUMINATI, Inc. formerly a BlackRock Production.
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    Ladies: would you accept a free breast exam from a man at your door?

    "A 76 year old Coconut Creek man, Philip Winkoff arrested for allegedly going door-to-door offering free breast exams. Authorities say Winkoff is not a doctor. He's facing sexual battery and assault charges. He allegedly fondled two women's breasts then sexually assaulted them. Police believe...
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    if we could moderate our own posts

    what would be your thread rules and who would be dragoned (banned w/o seemingly probable cause)?
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    TT, i have 2 questions...

    what is the meaning of 16 days until your "BRITHDAY" what is a brithday? and why is it in Christmas lights?