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  1. Catracha305

    Tempo Runs..

    Anyone tried them? What was your experience?
  2. Catracha305

    When I don't feel like running...

    When I don't feel like running, I just walk really 13 min miles for an hour or so. I don't like going to the gym, unless it's for a fitness class, like Zumba, yoga, etc. However, I rarely workout indoors. What about you?
  3. Catracha305

    Haitian Creole Classes in NYC??

    Is there anyplace that offers Haitian Creole classes in NYC?
  4. Catracha305

    Speed/Sprint workouts

    Anyone have any good speed/sprint workouts??
  5. Catracha305

    Best band in Miami Carnival??

    Which band de best in Miami???
  6. Catracha305

    Can I talk to a dude that my friend don't want?

    So, I met his dude at work. I hooked him up with a friend. After 36 hours they never spoke again. They only saw each other for about 10 minutes. I guess they ain't really vibe. Anyway, me and the dude still talk and now we flirt. We even hung out a few times, and he cooked for me. Am I wrong?
  7. Catracha305

    American women reactions to Island women

    I noticed that some acquaintances and co- workers seem intimidated or something (I don't know how to describe their reaction) when I mention that I am Bahamian/Honduran. They screw their face up or make a snide about my culture. I am not speaking about all American women, but it has happened...
  8. Catracha305

    Houston Caribfest

    Anyone going to Houston Caribfest on 4-8 July???
  9. Catracha305

    GBM Movie Riddim

    GBM MOVIE RIDDIM - NEW HIT RIDDIM RELEASE 2012 (SOCA) - YouTube I'm really feeling this riddim :yahoo:
  10. Catracha305

    What are these credits for?

    can someone please explain what these credits are for? What is this account stuff that imix is talking about?
  11. Catracha305


    What is considered danso??
  12. Catracha305

    New Kompa/Zouk Songs

    Hello! I am looking to add some new Zouk/Kompa songs to my collection. Unfortunately, I am a bit out of touch so I don't know what is hot. The most current song that I own is Konnen l'pak Konnen. I also have Buzz and Famn Sa Move BY Carimi, ad everyone knows MVP Kompa by Wyclef. Please help me!!
  13. Catracha305

    Just need to vent

    Ok, so I am in the military and stationed in a hick town in Texas. Anywho, there is a Caribbean club here that advertises that they play Caribbean, but in actuality they only play reggae. However, even tough the DJ is Jamaican, there are more people from the Lesser Antilles than Jamaica in the...
  14. Catracha305

    jab jab soca???

    What is jab jab soca?
  15. Catracha305

    Playing Mas/Behind de truck

    I am going to Houston Caribfest this year. This is my first time playing mas. I am in the section right behind the truck. What are the pros and cons?