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  1. Chandra

    Destra Garcia

    Does anyone know how I can get in contact with Ms.Destra Garcia? or Atlantik? *Thanks Much*
  2. Chandra

    Happy Birthday

    to the Diva herself Ms. Alison Hinds :music have a blessed one! :music
  3. Chandra

    Soca Bands

    Which one soca band would you not like to see break up and go their seperate ways? for myself it would have to be SQ1 :(
  4. Chandra


    How many more days until we getting to hear new soca songs for Cropover 2004? I for one cannot wait! :D :music
  5. Chandra

    Live Broadcast from TnT and Haiti Carnival

    starting today on WLIB :)
  6. Chandra

    Divas In Control

    Source: trinidadexpress Feb 8, 2004 By Nigel Telesford Welcome to the world where as Denyse Plummer once declared: "woman is boss". Guys, don't even bother to protest, just accept it as the absolute truth. Here we are on the final stretch to Carnival 2004 (or C4K, as some have dubbed this...
  7. Chandra

    Check out SQ1's new music video with Admiral T

    check out the video for the song "Move Together" by. Square One and Admiral T . If you look into the background the two other females in the video along with Alison is Keann and Janelle the two lastest additions to the group. :D :cool:
  8. Chandra

    Soca Artists ..Soca Music..It all starts in the CARIBBEAN!

    Alright i know i going to get cuss for posting this to all yuh but i was recently talking to some people about Soca artist and why is it that when they decide to explore r&b, and reggea musical style of singing that the Caribbean people feel them is selling out on the music if anything people...
  9. Chandra

    Grenadian calypso royalty heads to Trinidad

    *I just found this article on* Grenadian calypso royalty heads to Trinidad Posted: Jan 16, 2004 10:47 am Source: VIRGINIA BEACH: Many people, who have only begun to pay attention to Grenada's calypsos since Tallpree's Old Woman, would hardly know that...
  10. Chandra

    Shal Marshall

    new song "Wine and Bend Over" i can see some real damage done with this one :fyah :p WIne And Bend Over :music hold the girl them and wine around wine up in de party if your wining to the ground sexy body girl girl u better wine and bend over girl you better wine and bend over hand on...
  11. Chandra

    Okay someone help me nah please

    All yuh remember that song with Sean Paul called "West Indies" does anyone know who sang that with him cause i have some people telling me it was with sq1 and some telling me that it was Natalee voice we was hearing and not Alison. :confused I done hear that i going to get cuss for posting...
  12. Chandra

    Square One , Admiral T Video First

    * I just found this article in the Nation news paper* Square One, Admiral T video - Friday 09, January-2004 Square One racks up another industry first, being the only Barbadian group to record a music video with Guadeloupe’s Admiral T. The video was shot over a two-day period on location in...
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  14. Chandra

    Bryon Lee back in "Brass"

    Byron Lee back in 'Brass' After a three-year haitus from T&T Carnival, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires will be town for this year's festival. Jamaica's premiere soca band, The Dragonaires, intends...
  15. Chandra

    Terri-Anne Lyons coming on strong in 2k4!

    Looks like 2004 is going to be a wonderful year for Ms. Terri-Anne Lyons............. watch out Faye-Ann ......sis is coming on strong this year really nice tune for those who have not heard it as of yet! :p i believe the song is called "After Jouvert Morning"? but i may be wrong about the...
  16. Chandra

    The Top 3 of 2003

    According to Caribbean Fever the top 3 of 2003 is based on record sales, air play, clubs, requests, and a complitation of charts from around the world. Soca/ Calypso 1. Trini 2 de bone by. David Rudder 2. Carnival by. Destra and Machel 3.Wanna Be by. Statement Reggae 1. Get Busy by. Sean...
  17. Chandra

    Congratulations Keann Walters

    congrats to Ms. Keann Walter who is slated to fill in for Alison Hinds while she is on a leave. Keann has already started to perform with the band in Barbados. Best of luck to Keann. SQUARE ONE this girl love you all forever you all will always have my support .........stay strong, focus and...
  18. Chandra

    Question about Road March Title and Soca Monarch Competition in TNT

    Is it possible for someone not from tnt to win the road march title or de soca monarch crown? i am just curious because here i am listening to WLIB and they are talking about all the songs that have been coming out for 2004 carnival and some of them agree that it is to early to call it but one...
  19. Chandra


    does anyone know where he is from?:O (i heard he is from tnt but i not sure that is why i asking) or know where i can find some information on him?:) thank you :cool:
  20. Chandra

    Sting 2k3

    The Bottle Throwing contest; Ohh yeah, you didn’t know; that is the other name for Sting 2k3. It was surely raining bottles. The warning bottle that started it all was thrown during Sanchez performance, which hit Tee, one of the Linkups’ employee. During the Legendary Frankie Pauls’ performance...