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  1. guesswho

    A message to the soca artist,,,,

    You'll better come correct, ah have my costumes already (notice I said costumes because its 2 lol) I'm drinking meh 1000 glass of water, I aint eating after 630, last night I had to watch my son eat the cheese off the pizza which I love, my co-worker keeps bringing all kinda home made lasagne...
  2. guesswho

    who say wicked?

    wow! I would play in this would you?
  3. guesswho

    What's the mistakes you have made monday and tuesday that you'll never do again???

    before I became a professional:grin: masqerader, big mistakes I made was putting on foundation lordd! that's a no no, next is using baby oil in the hot sun let's just say I was tanned for 2 years, the other is encouraging newbies to play mas who gets carried away and get drunk to damn early and...
  4. guesswho

    Do you play mass with your man/husband???

    I always play with my hubby I love it, I does get on insane and he loves it, he says I'm somebody else when I play mass I take on another personality, but I have some friends who will never play mass with there hubbys/boyfriend they just can't think of him around them, I also have male friends...
  5. guesswho

    Where Is The Carnival Spirit People?????

    what happen to CC, I'm seeing little tention up in here and tentative arguments reving up, don't let the problems with registration steal the carnival spirit my fellow carnival people! let's talk about something else besides tribe and IP, enough is enough already!!!! let's brighten the...
  6. guesswho

    Celebration time! who in what????

    I'm a frontline BAT!!! and I'm loving it:drinks:
  7. guesswho

    All this long wait,,,

    for them 2 tribe frontline costume and they suck! they both look coskel to the 10th power, just to damn much, like 10 people did 10 diferent things on them, I'm really dissapointed uurrghhhh, so where does that leave me? lets see my options, oh! could I play with the goddess costume in tribe? ah...
  8. guesswho

    Only around Carnival time,,,,

    I post on islandmix and I only post in this forum, is it only me? I sign on and come straight here, I really enjoy getting my daily fix with this carnival thing:grin:
  9. guesswho

    TLC HOLDERS ONLY!!! you'll ready for saturday??

    sharpen up your fingers we have 2 more days to go before registration, I wonder what time it's gonna start? my schedule is clear for what ever time on saturday, make sure you'll pc is up and running:grin:
  10. guesswho

    Is it february yet????

    I'm fedup of waiting, I want my costume now! (which ever one, not sure yet) I just need to get out this place and go jump up for carnival!!! arrhhhhhhhh!!! all the beautiful people and the all inclusive parties, the great tasty food, :music ah can't...
  11. guesswho

    what's going on with islandevents????

    I don't know if this was asked already but, I ain't here nothing about islandevents, I know they had there band this year, and I ain't hear nothing, I heard that that joined up with islandpeople, but you no trinidad full of ole talk, so what's the scoop if anyone knows???? :confused
  12. guesswho

    Guess The Prices Of The Costumes For Islandpeople

    LETS SEE HOW FAR OFF WE REALLY ARE, I'm guessing here, but I feel theres nothing in the 300 range or 400 range, there are defintely some over 1k, and the majority of the band is around 800 and something, I could be wrong, but that damn rain costume is definitely up there in the thousand :scenic:
  13. guesswho

    What's the official website for island people??

    does anyone no?
  14. guesswho

    A Little Something For The Guys Tonight

    ONLY IN TRINI, fayanne pants only getting lower, you go girl u look good, as for the sister???????
  15. guesswho

    Ok, Ok, I'm Running Out Of Ideas To Post!!!!

    so let's start this thing right, share with us what really went down this weekend, you no! martin luther king holiday and all, what you'll did, who you'll meet, etc let's here it, for me I was partying for 2 days straight with the back to basics crew, meh back hurting meh from whining right...
  16. guesswho

    All Those Who Say House Party???

    Lets plan, who have the biggest basement on the mix, lets throw something in celebration for islandmix up and running, who bringing what? I bringing the pelau! :greedy
  17. guesswho

    Empress Yuh Working Hard Gyal

    ah hope yuh on a salary, I nominate empress for president of islandmix, all those who say aye? she have my vote :cool:
  18. guesswho

    Trini Carnival is right around the corner anyone heard any hot tunes as yet?

    I heard ok ones but not any wow's, what about you'll?
  19. guesswho

    atlantic, ronnie and destra, what a relief.....

    I know I'm probably late but I had to catch up on things after miami, so here goes it was such a relief to see destra and mr, mc intosh himself performing their a$$ off on stage, you'll are truly professional and true to the art form, you'll not only give it your all but it's very apparent...
  20. guesswho

    angry white woman, and a very strong black man.

    Read on............So great to find this Black Prince defending us like this... It seems that an article was written to Sister 2 Sister magazine by a > >Caucasian woman who requested a response from black men. I'm so glad she > >got what she asked for (and more) !!! > > > >This letter was...