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  1. guesswho

    "################'ll make u slap somebody"

    This shit makes me wanna post WTF! I'm dieing here! meh belly jesus christ this is sooooooooo funny weeewww!
  2. guesswho

    flash back

    dutty dutty dutty, I love that song! by the way mister you were right with stormers from other bands in tribe after a certain time lol, I had a stinking time for carnival don't remember most of it though lol, are you going cropover by the way?
  3. guesswho

    So has anyone....

    never been to carec but it got great reviews so I'm gonna go this time..:drinks:
  4. guesswho

    Things I don't want to see on the road

    I totally agree with that! but whilst we on the topic, I don't want to see them girls giving me hater looks because when I was doing pilates etc they were eating cheese burgers and expect to miraculously look like halle berry on the road lol, on another note give me the looks I will feel weird...
  5. guesswho

    A message to the soca artist,,,,

    You'll better come correct, ah have my costumes already (notice I said costumes because its 2 lol) I'm drinking meh 1000 glass of water, I aint eating after 630, last night I had to watch my son eat the cheese off the pizza which I love, my co-worker keeps bringing all kinda home made lasagne...
  6. guesswho

    Saucy Yuh Sticking Or What??

    Them trevor wallace skirt outfits and overdone ugly ass headpiece looking like it straight outter star wars is outright hideous, the thought of playing mas in them things makes me wanna puke, that's just my opinion, its actually a lil disturbing.
  7. guesswho

    who say wicked?

    wow! I would play in this would you?
  8. guesswho

    For next year...

    that is not nice miss socababy I didn't expect that from u atall, I'm flabagasted!!!! as a matter of fact keep yuh damn children out the road when big people band coming through, they might see things you don't want them to see:drinks:
  9. guesswho

    What's the mistakes you have made monday and tuesday that you'll never do again???

    before I became a professional:grin: masqerader, big mistakes I made was putting on foundation lordd! that's a no no, next is using baby oil in the hot sun let's just say I was tanned for 2 years, the other is encouraging newbies to play mas who gets carried away and get drunk to damn early and...
  10. guesswho

    For the people already registered?!!!!!!!!

    I'll make sure to do the 2 band hoe-ism proud:drinks:
  11. guesswho

    For the people already registered?!!!!!!!!

    very satified in my 2 bands:drinks:
  12. guesswho

    Ive come up with a plan

    AAAAhhhhhhh, DEAD!!! that shit is funny, lolol
  13. guesswho

    Ive come up with a plan

    no lie I saw a girl made a split and buss up she knee carnival monday I nearly dead!:kicks :kicks
  14. guesswho

    Ive come up with a plan

    bra-less should work:drinks:
  15. guesswho

    Do you play mass with your man/husband???

    DEAD!!! behaviour xxxxxxxx, lol, I no what yuh saying lolol
  16. guesswho

    Tnt Carnival Tickets

    as you say that, I don't even no which airline I travelling with nah, :scratch
  17. guesswho

    Do you play mass with your man/husband???

    why?? I used to be like that before, I just couldn't imagine that scenario, the thought of it makes me don't even want to play mas, but then I met hubby :luv :superman: (it does have some annoying moments though, small thing, but I does just give him a lil reminder lol)
  18. guesswho

    Do you play mass with your man/husband???

    yuh see how yuh can't please trini blasted people yuh yawning yuh ass off because cc boring now yuh throwing big stone at me, but yuh not easy atall trini gyal:kicks :kicks :kicks :kicks :kicks (but yuh have meh laughing though lol)
  19. guesswho

    Do you play mass with your man/husband???

    I always play with my hubby I love it, I does get on insane and he loves it, he says I'm somebody else when I play mass I take on another personality, but I have some friends who will never play mass with there hubbys/boyfriend they just can't think of him around them, I also have male friends...