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  1. A.savage

    Ok let we twist amber cole a bit

    And say she was your daughter or lil family. What would you do or say? Would you feel that it was somehow your fault that she out there doing hoe activities? Now if she was a young white girl you think anybody would have cared or there would have been this much fuss? before you answer that...
  2. A.savage

    Pssst valda

    What going on babes.;)
  3. A.savage

    Aight aight.

    Mi gine sleep now.
  4. A.savage


    New Zealand cheese :swoon: How de simplest things is mek ya happy. I here meking mi self a cheese cutter with de works. :grin:
  5. A.savage


    Same odds again? Me Yankees you sux, I mean Sox. I backing mi boys them gine put a hurting pon wunna for that stunt last year.
  6. A.savage

    Yeeeeeeaaaaahhh Baby!

    Cue de Big Pon. Which to de hot 97. Mi hit down in NY tomar night and its freedom for de next two weeks. I plan to get as much fun as possible from this lil vacation. :fans: :drinks: dance1 dance1 :alcoholic :tekit :drinkers :good:
  7. A.savage

    With sharkie lilfunny boyfriend

    Pon de loose (It must have been de ninja suit it mek he fall for ya) I have only one question (Well more than one, but this here the main one.) What would mek you stalk somebody. Especially pon de net. These ppl is have me laughing to mi cry for days. :taunt:
  8. A.savage

    Sah wah

    Doh be stranger. Stop sit pon stoop and come out and play gal :drinkers
  9. A.savage

    Free free freedom!

    :drinkers :tekit :yahoo: dance1 Great lakes kiss mi arse mi gone :yes2: Ya bwoy just comp today. So mi graduate tomar and wait till these ppl give me mi plane ticket out of this place. I gon be :alcoholic of mi arse pon that ride too.
  10. A.savage


    When you think of Bob Marely whats the first thing that comes to your mind? I ask this for a reason cause something Hillsman say is kinda true. I've noticed that the image seems to be more focused on a rasta who smokes alot of weed, than the great singer he was. Now last night I went to my night...
  11. A.savage


    Ninja school must have been expensive or them raise de price pon uniforms what happen man? Who gal chile ya beat and tek way shirt to put on? Steeeuuupppsss damn ghetto ninjas. :assassin:
  12. A.savage


    Yes I do. When can I come over to get it? dance1 :cool: