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    Yes I've explored other options... every time their names are announced the thread gets deleted.
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    To the two ladies that are behind TFT (Trinidad Fete Tickets), you guys think allyuh could thief people money and get away with but you cant hide.
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    New Machel Montano HD- Tell Me (2009 Crop Over)

    Ah feeling this one
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    Official DC Carnival 2009 Thread

    I’m giving it another shot this year so I’ll see how it goes…
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    Official DC Carnival 2009 Thread

    Don’t count on getting JW black for your $55…last year we had to pay for the premium drinks like JW, henny etc and the not so premium drinks were free
  6. peachy

    Official DC Carnival 2009 Thread

    I find they really sticking with the location for DV8
  7. peachy

    Introducing RAMAJAY Mas "The Ultimate All-Inclusive Road Party" (NY)

    Good Job! Yasuni Parrot and Flight of the Jaguar are gorgeous
  8. peachy

    Band/section reviews

    IP/Afrodisiac Loved my costume Pick up was a breeze (took 5 mins) Had no problem with drinks on both days Didn't like the fact that I had to walk to the end of band for food on Tuesday and they need to tighten security
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    the 2009 international soca monarch finalists (official list)

    I'm surprised Nadia is not in power but I think Fayann could take both power and groovy
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    Eye brows

    Ladies, where are some good spots to get eye brows done in Trinidad?
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    It's probably about a half hour drive as long as you get there before them school children get out of school otherwise is traffik galore
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    Bunji's "Clear De Road"

    I like it, I also LOVE the new fayann...I think it's call fayann meet super blue
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    Lara Fete...

    you right about that
  14. peachy

    Lara Fete...

    What time does Lara fete usually finish?
  15. peachy

    Army Fete

    I usually go and have a good time, there’s nothing spectacular about it but it’s a cool scene. If you have a nice crew you would enjoy yuh self and it’s one of the safest fete. You would find a good amount of people dressed in military inspired outfits, not necessarily camo but a lot of...
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    Imix Invogue Stylist Directory:

    do they do xtreme lashes?
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    Must Have Carnival Accessories

    Fab boots is a must and then the make up and accessories.
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    So what time do you arrive?

    1 pm on Monday 8 am on Tuesday
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    The Costume That Got Away

    My favorite was Pride frontline