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    "prinzezzzzzzzzz Diva"

    I sent you a PM. :cuss:cuss
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    Can someone dates of the carnival

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    Your plans for this year

    Did anyone keep them?
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    I just got a nasty private message!!!! I the person said to bite their balls!!!! Can you bann them?:meowth: :meowth: :meowth:
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    This woman keeps on calling me JILL

    :butcher: :butcher: :butcher: :butcher: Anyone ever had a co-worker or boss that called you by the wroung name all the time? Everytime she send me an email she is calling me Jill, evertime I respond I write my name in all caps. :search: :search:
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    So QUEST

    How was de flying fish?
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    De Gay jamaican

    at my job only holla "oh jesus", "aye aye aye", when the day come and laughing like a whore picking fare when the days come. I ent know why ent begging jesus to help him stick he ################ in the right hole. I man only annoying me, why he can't just be quiet and do he work, like everyone...
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    doing things at strange times

    Ok, I go to the laundry all strange hours of the nights, but y de ass is these people upstairs hammering and drilling, its bed time. So are you the kind of person to do shite without consideration for your neighbors? Like blastin you music at 2am !! Or do you really think about others?
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    auntie: why people only have one life?

    How do you answer that question to a 6 year old? I just tell she that's how god made it! Where do they come up with these questions?
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    Rain rain

    go away and come again another day. :( :( :(
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    Weekend Plans

    What are they? I know many going on boatride tonite! My weekend is full of work, work, and more work.
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    SIR Richard

    you got mail. :dirol: :dirol: :dirol:
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    Psa - Gos

    is my damm initials could you all people find some things else to to use for girl on the side. You all making me think I am being talked about. Thank you very much GOS aka SSS
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    tonite at the club

    Large encounters Sexy chest contest, men vs females. Poor me its going to be a loooooooooooonnnnggggggg nite. :sorry: :( :( :( :(
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    hiya :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol:
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    I want to tek my landlord to court

    Anyone know the steps need to do so. The people does facking upset me, the does get them rent on time, without a problem and don't want to fix nutting. Now my frige not working and this bitccch giving me lip at the management office cause I call 311. The bitcch start yelling, I was like you...
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    when the last time you did something you shouldn't

    My freind and I here at the buffet, and we here taking deserts and wrapping then up and putting then in my bag. We the last time allyuh did something that you would expect a kid to do?
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    what you guys doing for spring break

    I know most spas are give a discount. I went today and had a deep pore facial and a swedish massage. It was great, my face feels nice and soft and my feet no longer hurts from the long weekend of partying. I am trying to go to atlantic city for 2-3 days and then on friday I have another spa...
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    was I really that bad

    My cousin just tell me that I usto pick fight with her and try to bully her around when I was 13 and she was 19. She said I burn her with the iron comb, kick she off the bed, catch she hair on fire, burn she wid my tea, and juck kick she. Now I only remember catching she hair a fire and the was...
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    public service announcement

    My eyes aren't shut they are wide open. Have a wonderful week-end.