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    feminine energy

    Men don't act biatchy n do women things On some hiss teeth fold arms non logical giggle n cry shit Yall nuggaz weird Yet consider this The way the men are Are EXACTLY how the women want them Many mothers raised their sons intentionally as such If my mother saw me acting like gal or having...
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    my reality

    Same as its always been Same juanuel No fronting Bulls hitting or faking like most So no Juan Dan don't live a impress silly biatch n hood rat niggz Real shit Real love Real humanitarianism Real care for the planet Dat kind of shit So no Juan dans reality is simple A normal simple man...
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    So there is a specific female I really really dislike I thought of her earlier watching a news program Gal beat herself n anger her man then say abuse Same gal used to fuk wid me like queen lezbo pon himix throne then command dragon to ban me So gentlemen Just know to stay the fuk away from...
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    power of energy n frequency

    Eveel EVEEEL Baaaaaaaaaaaaal U are being called to this place Tell onu bloodclaat stop right Alrite 6 days on the last morning
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    its a female

    Yup I would Never in my life use female names or have ten aliases on one board EVERY single name I ever used everybody from admin to posters know it's me I would never make a bullshit name to get at people That shit weak So kindly tek onu mentally ill self to a psychiatrist Bucha whores n...
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    all whore n the dogs who try to fuk em

    Have fun
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    tmakaa we need to talk holmes

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    no tikle titty

    Yes as I was saying These simple minded niggz n these simple minded biatches Fukk did I say last week So egotistical so smart So everything cause desperate blk men chase ye I don't give a fukk about thy poosy So I say what the fukk I want Stupid shit I like to learn Not nuggary shit
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    to my glasses fren

    U not my frens yet meeez your fren As u move into another stage of life Ppppppppppppplllllllease I beg u Don't allow the dirty unhappy ones especially the males n the lezboz Do not allow them anywhere close to your life Member I told u They already thinking how to Please
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    hey dragon

    Just saying hi n blessed love Yes it is juanuelle the great