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  1. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Lord Salt....

  2. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Trinikiz

    Happy Birthday......granny
  3. Chocolate

    Once Upon A Time...

    :rofl::rofl: Bakes.....yuh can't keep a secret.?? Too bad yuh won't hear what else excites me.:taunt:
  4. Chocolate


    wouldn't have made it back in time so I decided against making the trip but we'll catch up.
  5. Chocolate

    Chocolate!!!! took you long enough.
  6. Chocolate

    Condolences to Yanktiguan and Cavalier

    My condolences to you and your family.
  7. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Daddy Magyver

    Happy Birthday !!
  8. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Miz R

    Happy Birthday Miz R!!
  9. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Cook!

  10. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Mystic Xtremist

    Thanks Bakes....since you retrieved it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYSTIC!!
  11. Chocolate

    Happy EarthStrong Dancer....

    Happy Birthday !!!
  12. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Bake n Shark!!

  13. Chocolate


    Good night Rory. I'll definitely pass on the love.
  14. Chocolate

    Who is Chocolate?

    you just couldn't leave it alone...
  15. Chocolate

    Literature has hit an all time low!

    yep... says "stay high!!!" p.s I'm not a herb smoker either.
  16. Chocolate

    Eyebrow Threading

    same here.
  17. Chocolate

    Literature has hit an all time low!

    He claims it's for parody and satire purposes only. But after reading his book you learn the variations of marijuana/the history of blunt/rolling / how to grow hydro etc. Interesting read and quite funny R.Prince a filmmaker from NY with over 20 yrs of rolling blunts and smoking weed under...
  18. Chocolate

    Happy Birthday Ancyntwmn(empress) :)

    Happy Birthday!!