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  1. small island rep

    Live band music

    bless up!
  2. small island rep

    for de fans......and if u dont know much bout soca from other islands...

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  3. small island rep

    leeward island aka "small island" soca

    is soca music from that region tha hard to find and to play....:search:...i would like to see ayo input on this.......AND NO DISSIN OR DISRESPECTIN THE ISLANDS...IF UDONT HAVE NICE WORDS TO SA DONT POST DEM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!:butcher::butcher:
  4. small island rep

    st thomas carnival 2k10 - stroka band - wire waist

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  5. small island rep

    soca music in nyc (the bronx)

    who remember the days of skate key durin labor day weekend???...lawdo them were the days....:king:
  6. small island rep

    leeward islands (small islands) deh chunes mehson

    virgin islands(british & us), st.kitts/nevis, anguilla, st.marteen/st martin, saba, statia, antigua & barbuda monserrate, st. barts, netherland antilles, st vincent & genedines, grenada...wah chunes are runnin big in ayo mattah deh yo pride run deh track!
  7. small island rep

    Favorite xmas matter wah island u from! ALL TIME FAVORITE.....
  8. small island rep

    jouvert in dah us pose to de islands

    why is jouvert in bklyn way different than that off our respective home islands...i went for de first time and i find it very different as to when i go back to dah virgin islands or st kitts nevis....jus ah thought..can someone help me on this...jus ah thought, no need to degrade other islands...
  9. small island rep

    small island music on de rise?

    small island music on de croix and st kitts started off on good food this yr......
  10. small island rep

    st thomas carnival

    anyone goin to st thomas carnival? link up!
  11. small island rep

    small island djs n selectors

    I need links to get chunes from we "small islands". I hate dat term. Link up. Especially big ones dat jus recently drop. Daddy Friday is my :superman: R.I.P:drinks:
  12. small island rep

    st croix carnival

    who won road march this year was it stroka band or xtreme? im late wit it meh son.
  13. small island rep

    nu dude luv soca

    we djs dat claim we love soca music, why are we bias to play other islands music? i.e im from dah virgin islands and not only do i play small island music, i play dah "big island" music as well. link up. Djs ONLY cuz im ah dj
  14. small island rep

    nu dude big question

    why is it that "small island" music or bands gets no respect from dah other surrounding islands? when i go party in bklyn i dont here it at all or when i travel to other states/country like canada. link up people
  15. small island rep

    nu dude luv soca

    :superman: nu to de ting. im from st.thomas aka rock city. big up to everybody here. one question, why dont small island music gets no luv from ahyo pon dah mix?
  16. small island rep

    nu dude

    wah gwan me friends. Im nu pon dah ting. im from dah u.s vi st.thomas also lived inn dah bvi tortola. my family are from both sides of dah vi. soca me live, breath, till i die. one luv to meh small island people and dem. :drinks: R.I.P daddy friday