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  1. iPicong

    Vagabond - Ricardo Dru

    Ah know ah late but I eh care.......tune need it own thread.
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    8 Ball Train Slappowwwww

    Posted yet?
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    10 Hours Walking in NYC As a White Man

    10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man from FOD News, Melinda Taub, Matt Klinman, John Harris, and Nate Dern
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    Breakout Artist (s) for 2014

    Post their tunes
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    *Trinidad and Tobago General Elections 2015*

    Might as well.........
  6. iPicong

    24: Live Another Day

  7. iPicong

    I Want To Cross the Road BUT

    When I see the chicken standing there and I'm thinking 2 things........why isn't the chicken crossing the road when the sign clearly says "walk" and I'm also thinking that is some fresh poultry dey and should I curry, stew or fry it after I chase and catch it.
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    Bare Bamsey Rihanna

  9. iPicong

    "Results of the 1990 Coup Inquiry"
  10. iPicong

    What Will Your President Do for You Now?

    As wrong as we all know Zimmerman, the Sanford PD, etc was at the end of the day the law protected him and dead men can tell no tales.........but what will the Obama Administration (Justice Department) do now........or are they going to wait for stereotypes to be fulfilled before they act?
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    Trinbagonians: Caption This

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    Other than Soca Chat and seasonal Carnival Central........allyuh take over........
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    Imix Credits Reparations.....No Justice No Peace

    Every ACTIVE member must be given 1 million credits for every CONSECUTIVE year of service without deleting their justice no peace
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    *True Blood Season 6*

    I'm anticipating shit.....maybe we will get the opposite....piss
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    In Regards to the Young People That Died in the Car Accident

    In Trinidad over the weekend..........
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    How Many Calories in a Rodee

    Consisting of potato, channa and beef/goat/chicken/shrimp respectively....
  17. iPicong

    R.I.P John Noel

    Positive image of a brother for years on television
  18. iPicong

    $75k Bail for Goat Theft.......Baaaaaah

    Teen on $75,000 bail for theft of goat | Trinidad Express Newspaper | News