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  1. Santana

    Is just me?

    Or things kinda stale around here today? Shake up the vibes people! According to that dumb american saying it was "jumping like a catfish" here yesterday, what happen today?
  2. Santana

    This is a blasted shame

    A caribbean site where people rate Beyonce as a Godess and Rihanna as a peasant! I never expected this. SMDH :nea:
  3. Santana

    Columbian Women

    it have quite a few here and they does look hot no arse, I wonder if they generally look similar to these I seeing here. Anybody know about them?
  4. Santana

    Oh Dragon Oye!

    Please pay up lol
  5. Santana

    Static Radio

    Orrrr! king Dragon, the vibes bess!! Your DJs doing a nice job with the mixes :good:
  6. Santana

    Everything bad is woman fault!

    If you believe in the bible, then that one bite of the apple is the root cause of every negative thing that has occured with mankind. True or False?