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    Soca 2021! Thread!

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    The Fatha - All "Go down" (Official Music Video) Soca 2018

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    Labor day questions

    @socapineman I remember my great uncle telling me the parade started in harlem. Anyway here is a video from 1998 on the parkway. Idk bout u but it seems like to me its Trinidad they screaming all on the speakers. I think the reason why it appears that Haitians run the parkway is due to the...
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    Labor day questions

    Trinidad has dozens of music trucks on d road for jouvert. I think they have a bigger crowd than the rhythm sections and steel bands now.
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    Labor day questions

    I was always taught that the labor day parade originally started out as a Trinidad independence celebration evolving into what it is now. Is there some law or rule preventing music trucks from being on the road during jouvert. Cause, while I was there i saw several push carts which were powered...
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    Labor day questions

    So I went to nyc for the labor day parade/ Trinidad and Tobago Independence and had a great time!!!!!! I just have a couple of questions if anybody on here can help me out. Why are there no music trucks for Jouvert? and why are bands that do not have costumes allowed to be on the road?
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    The new Classics from 2000, that have stood the test of time, name them and why !

    i would also consider differentology a classic
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    Brooklyn Summer Program for Kids

    Phyls academy is owned by Trini's that live here in south florida. I know there is a Brooklyn campus, that you can check out here PHYLS ACADEMY | We prepare young minds for the future. if it is anything like the ones in florida then it is exactly what you are looking for.
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    So, Im seriously thinking about moving to Trinidad next year

    I sorry but sawg is a bullaman for true?
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    The Fatha - YEAH YEAH

    Just because CARNIVAL is done does not mean that the Soca has to stop as well !!! CLICK THE LINK----->>>>
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    iron instrumentals

    Lol i am sorry..... Thanks everyone for the links!!!! I've been searching for a while, was wondering if there was a secret website or something with just iron recordings lol
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    iron instrumentals

    Anybody know where you can get strait Iron instrumentals? Or recordings of strait iron?