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  1. Shabeel

    Christianity without "god"

    Brush up on your history. Atheism is as old as the world. Ever since man discovered himself, people have been arguing about whether there is "something else" or not. To me, a Supreme Being is an absolutely necessary part of life and is what gives meaning to everything, and I feel belief is not...
  2. Shabeel

    So is it really true?

    I knew it. Mama was right all along.
  3. Shabeel

    So is it really true?

    The fat man really took her away from me?
  4. Shabeel

    Carlo & Minxy this one is for you

    Thanks guys! You believed in me from the start and I'm not someone that forgets :secrets
  5. Shabeel

    Carlo & Minxy this one is for you

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Shabeel

    Plz help Shabeel go Jamaica!!

    screw it she's not coming
  7. Shabeel

    Plz help Shabeel go Jamaica!!

    Thanksesses!!! I'll see what I can do about the convincing LR thing looooool :grin:
  8. Shabeel

    Plz help Shabeel go Jamaica!!

    Sorry this is the good link: Shabeel's 'Every Galliss Haffi Fall' Music Video | Indiegogo Oops lol
  9. Shabeel

    Plz help Shabeel go Jamaica!!

    hat passing basically spread the word so that people donate, or just wish me good luck :) madd
  10. Shabeel

    Plz help Shabeel go Jamaica!!

    It's to shoot a video for my new song with Shane O "Every Galliss Haffi Fall" Here is the campaign:
  11. Shabeel

    Is Rozay Rapping About Raping This Girl?

    Vomit. I hope a big gorilla ################ faggot slips a molly in Rick Ross glass and then takes that home to "enjoy it". Only difference is he's gonna know it. (the next day)
  12. Shabeel

    Arabia/Northern Africa advice

    Algeria is maaaaaaaaaaaad nice
  13. Shabeel

    Evangelical Pastor convinced followers his penis contained HOLY MILK, arrested

    I hate the tone of this article "religions are the virus of humanity blablabla" NO! Malicious people & their corresponding stupid victims are the virus of humanity. And as for malicious & stupid people, atheists DEFINITELY have their share of those. Insanity is in no way restricted to...
  14. Shabeel

    Rihanna being ratchet

  15. Shabeel

    Rihanna being ratchet

    Sometimes I get the feeling these paparazzi genuinely hate the people they're shooting.
  16. Shabeel

    Optimizm's 23andme results

    Pretty sure Vincypowa made a thread about this.
  17. Shabeel

    38 Proposed States

    Those names sound so 1800 Bitterroot Alamo Bayou Shawnee
  18. Shabeel

    11 animals that mate for life & you imixers arent on the list..

    I have a next one, the Northern Gannet