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    Soca 2021! Thread!

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    The Fatha - All "Go down" (Official Music Video) Soca 2018

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    Labor day questions

    So I went to nyc for the labor day parade/ Trinidad and Tobago Independence and had a great time!!!!!! I just have a couple of questions if anybody on here can help me out. Why are there no music trucks for Jouvert? and why are bands that do not have costumes allowed to be on the road?
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    The Fatha - YEAH YEAH

    Just because CARNIVAL is done does not mean that the Soca has to stop as well !!! CLICK THE LINK----->>>>
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    iron instrumentals

    Anybody know where you can get strait Iron instrumentals? Or recordings of strait iron?
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    NEW SOCA 2015 on the (KAN KAN RIDDIM) - "LEAVE ME ALONE"- The Fatha Doh bother me when I WINEING , Doh bother me when I LIMEING , Doh bother me when I FETEING , Just LEAVE ME ALONE ‼
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    New soca 2015- the fatha "wine or nah"

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    The fatha - fancy ((remix))

    <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>
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    The fatha - cooler wet fete tabanca (official music video) BY THE FATHA OF BACCHANAL:victory::victory::victory:
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    Cooler wet fete tabanca -the fatha

    A Song dedicated to the biggest fete in South Florida. TheFatha's favorites on SoundCloud - Hear the world
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    TheFatha- Shake up yuh Bum Bum (freestyle)

    Shake Yuh Bum Bum (Freestyle) by TheFatha on SoundCloud - Hear the world
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    Carnival tabanca instrumental

    Does anybody know where I can find the Carnival Tabanca instrumental?
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    soca monarch and chutney monarch

    So since chutney songs are allowed to participate in the power soca and groovy soca competitions should'nt power soca and groovy soca songs be able to participate in the chutney monarch?
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    What laborday fetes to attend?

    It will be my first time attending laborday in new york and would love to know what fetes should I attend. I doh like the stush stush fetes I want to get on lol. I hear brass fest should be good, but what else?
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    so in Barbados, the limerz cruise you literally swim from boat to boat?