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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    The Beach House, C'est La Vie, and 1 Scorch female are gone.
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    Nah some clients I got in already (around 10 of them) and others begging me for tickets. I swear just the fact it sold out making people more obsessed with being in it. I don't know why Dawn didn't just find a new venue and come back after whatever the drama is with Jenny's Car Park, but they...
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in Diego Martin available. 2 bed with private bath room available in Woodbrook walking distance from Savannah. Room to share with another female, private bath available in Woodbrook walking distance from Savannah.
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    COSTUME for sale: YUMA Quechua backline 38DD bra, L Bikini, XS/S (30-32) belt

    YUMA Quechua Backline 38DD bra L Bikini 34-38 XS-S (30-32) Belt + additional hot shorts size L. Paypal payment available. Serious inquiries can email
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    A few kinds of housing still available... just EMAIL Please have your headcount, genders, and dates of stay finalized and include in the email for serious inquiries.
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    While you all STILL argue the racial thing to death, PELE might be dying

    Focus... say a prayer for him at your Thanksgiving table today... :(
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    Could never understand how Barbados is First world and not Trinidad

    You guys need to bring your businesses and underlings on staff out of the prehistoric era and get with the 21st century program. All that oil money and you all can barely accept online payments for anything... I tried to wire money to a Trinidad mas band's trini bank account before. What a...
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    Twerk Team Founding Member, Betty Butt, Shot To Death In Atlanta

    So much for the black women that were supporting this lifestyle as a way to be successful in life. If you still have to date drug dealers or even circulate in their circles, how much did whatever twerking paid you really help you upgrade yourself? Stripping and twerking and any other way of...
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    Are you willing to Spend all that money for costume for T&T Costume????

    Um, yes. If you don't like Fantasy and Harts prices, play with Mardi Gras whose costumes are all all inclusive, crossing the stage, and less than $200 usd each, full price. All inclusive. Or any band in between because the costumes aren't all $1000 usd. Or suck it up, get whatever caught...
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    How is this working out? Should let me upgrade your experiences next year. Jamaica carnival have a wine somewhere with your name on it...
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    Also, anybody who wants in on costumes and fetes, and Tobago, and transport... I am still handling those. I can get you registered in any band (in the sections not already sold out, of course) except TRIBE and Bliss. Limited fete tickets on the most difficult fetes, and likely will go to...
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    Everything I listed above is sold out (unless you want the room I was going to be in, at the basic... it's shared hallway bathrooms but the cheapest thing left) but I secured other housing and if your group is large, being willing to stay further away from the Savannah or cough up hotel money...
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    Standardized testing was created to get the lower classes to stop breeding? Princeton

    I dumbed down when I got here really, and while Ja schooling might have a class system bias, a bright child doesn't have to be limited by school zone which I find a very horrifying thing if your income doesn't match your child's brain or your parental sense about the school's quality in this...
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    Standardized testing was created to get the lower classes to stop breeding? Princeton

    H H Goddard chairman of the psychology department at Princeton called modern public education "the perfect organization of the hive... standardized testing was to cause the lower classes to confront their biological inferiority, sort of like wearing a dunce cap, in time it would discourage their...
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    It's Friday what did you learn this week?

    ^^^just learned this. Great stuff. Learned Jamaica tun informer and the US STILL too fass...
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    Got a letter from my bank in Jamaica

    Does it matter? lols informer question that. As for the notifying... I know this reminded me that about one year now one bank sent me via email papers they need back from me to put my current information down... my aunty I think had charge of the account and decided I'm grown it's time to be...
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    Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available

    Basic guesthouse sold out except the rooms with SHARED bathrooms. Midrange guesthouse sold out. Hotel A sold out. Hotel B has King (1 King bed) and Queens (2 Queen beds) rooms available (5 minute drive, 15-20 minute walk from Savannah). Single, double, triple, quad occupancy. A second...
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    Got a letter from my bank in Jamaica

    There goes nuff people plan to hide likkle change or inheritance back home... unless of course when opening accounts in Jamaica you completely act like you live there, and only give TRN and local address info. Dem too fass. Swear it going to come back to the Mattress Bank lifestyle.
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    how has Imix influenced you in real life

    It's how I first played mas. The section designer was a member on here. It's been the source of business contacts for my business and my first lesson in travelling on why my business is needed (why travel needs to be customized to the budget/tastes of all the travellers even if they are in the...
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    Ladies .... If False Hair Was Banned ...

    I would lose respect for a man I am dating who spends noticeable energy and brainspace being frustrated about women who don't fit my description. That is all.