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  • Gyal is a work in itself to stay on lol... it will take up all of your time. You're welcome. Master Cosmetology you say. Well do yuh thing gyal and get the existing beauty of your clients shine.
    I have been away lately too. oooooo congrats very nice to hear you are getting married. As for me pretty busy. I wish you much success in school, a great wedding and a lasting union with your hubby to be. What are you studying if you don't mind my asking?
    Happy Birthday!! I wish you all the best now and the coming year. May you be blessed with continued health, strength, and wisdom.

    ah feel yuh was bigging up yuhself...nah did not go to Miami, I know someone who did go though. One day... One day... Did you go?
    Morning miss, when I see thunda I think of Thunder by Duke. How tings? I am TriniTrini and I approve of your new picture lol
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