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  • Happy Birthday family! I wish you a fun and blessed day! Hope today is nice for you and the rest of this Holiday season.
    mawnin doudou :luv nothing much goin here.. just gettin ready for Thanksgiving ...hope all is well with you
    lawd I am gonna kill Shabeel! LMAO yes cookie monster...don't know why people make such a big deal about it *shrug*
    hello my dear i am well, i was just being a late night peeper but i am off to bed...take care sweetie ((hug))
    hey too have me dying i know people at work think i am going crazy...i have to stifle my smile and laughs very often!!
    Girl keep ya head up about the board yo. I've been noticing the beef, racisim, and overall arsehole vybes since last month just gotta get where you fit in. That's what I learned from being on here. Other than that. Enjoy ya evening and stop by the soca thread we made from Lady Bug...wuk up a sweat.

    Peace and blessings.
    I went when I was at Howard in '96...long time!!! Iwent during Cup Match and stayed with my friend Keimon Lawrence( he plays for Bermudas national soccer team) in Hamilton...your country is so beautiful...does his name sound familiar?
    I also went to school with DeVon Binns and Raji Shakir and his brother Omar I also have a friend from Somerset name Reba
    Yea, many Bermie's went to Howard, I went to Clark't hate. Have u been down here yet?
    hey, i good and yea i did get a hair cut but its all grown back now so.
    how u been?
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