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    Coming out from under my rock...

    Just checking in... See things still lively around this place... What's going on people? What I need to know about Islandmix these days?
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    West Indian Literature compilation

    definitely endorse that statement and this thread as a whole...keep the titles coming...building up my book wishlist...haven't read much caribbean lit as of don't have much to add besides some works that I see people already posted about..
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    Thanks for the bday wish...haven't been on here for a minute...

    Thanks for the bday wish...haven't been on here for a minute...
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    West Indian Scrabble

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    Carnival - $200,000,000.00 to the New York City economy and zero return

    i see people talking about how much the new york city made of the West Indian day parade and how much the city is not giving back...namely of a more appropriate venue for the steel pan competition amongst other things...but like a couple people pointed out the city really will not benefit much...
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    Brathwaite to the wirl

    he knocked over the the first hurdle right...i wonder how much that affected his race?
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    Brathwaite to the wirl

    lmao...just wrong...
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    Michael Jackson to be finally buried

    i'm with you on that one too...:scratch
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    why are you lying to yourself?
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    Great pay, but you hate the job.

    so i take it this is just another job and not your career....don't go dropping your job too quickly....cause the grass is not always greener on the other you already stated that it's a job that can lead to a better opportunity might as well stick with it for the time being..
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    The Official Restaurant thread...

    Can we get some new restaurants in here?
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    I'm all for this cracking down on the whole criminal element thing going on....but I think marabunta has a point....i'm surprised much of the caribbean hasn't tried to get into the whole medicinal marijuana growth...but I can see where it can be very hard for our countries to regulate...they'll...
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    WARNING - guy KILLED himself after breaking up

    wow...I was watching this thinking this not that too much woman on earth to go end your life over one....
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    Wow...been a while since I been on here...

    nothing much...I thought you fell off the face of the earth..:kicks