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    whose NOT going to DC?

    I am not going.
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    which magazines do you read or subscribe to if any?

    People US Weekly Cosmopolitan Star
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    I-Mix Professional Women

    Banana Republic
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    Package A or B?? Which would you choose?

    I will choose B
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    Who is at work

    I am at work......but i will leave early.
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    Winter is Cumin

    It will be our little secret.
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    Winter is Cumin

    What happen between me and you remain between me and you.
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    Winter is Cumin

    How about this weekend?
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    Should infants have weave in their hair?

    I wouldn't put weave in my child hair.
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    If you had to choose

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    Do you all clip coupons

    Yes i clip coupons.
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    Mix music in parties

    Mix music please.
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    Marriage joke

    lol......very funny.
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    Dragon you are very sweet thank you for helping me.