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  • Re: I believe the backward concept of a Soca Season is now dying a welcomed death!

    I would like to get your permission to post your comments on my blog (Trinizagada) - your name of avatar will be posted along with the link to the islandmix thread!
    Fair comments made in your blog but keep in mind that Kernal was probably asked what his honest opinion on the song was and decided to give an honest.
    Can't knock a man too much for being honest if the question was put to him about if PYF was a shit song even though he could have been more diplomatic with his answer especially in reference to other songs that PFY was up against.
    Give me some feedback on the article I just wrote and posted on Trinizagada. It was a quick write up because I wanted to get some things off my chest regarding the comments made by Kernel Roberts re: Pump Yuh Flag.

    St.kitts music festival Machel montano will be performing! june 28-30th
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    Socapro... the short chat took place today. When you go to the archives select the time 12:00 - 14:00 and listen from around 30:00 - 34:00. I did not want to get into too much conversation since they had an interview session coming up soon. Ok
    Hope that helps.
    Thanks my friend!

    I only just read your message today so missed the radio show on Wack on Sunday.

    I must get into the habit of checking my private message Notifications on Imix whenever I logon to their board.

    Will listen to the audio on your blog now and give my feedback or input if required.

    Bless :drinks:
    check out my latest article on Trinizagada.

    Tell me what needs to be changed/added or better yet send me an article on the topic for posting on the blog... Your name/user handle will be attached to the article... I invite guest posts from friends all the time.

    Thanks... we have to saturate the web with our views too!
    Hey bro,
    I just want to give you some information. I just finished speaking with Kenny Phillips of Wack radio (KMP Music) and he will be interviewing the Precision Production Team on Sunday on the radio station. Time slot is 12:00 to 2:00 Trini time. Of course you know Kasey Phillips (Precision) is his son. Don't put this on the web because Kasey is a very humble person and it may take some convincing to get him on the show... Kenny will be doing a donation drive (request a song type) to raise funds for video streaming. His station plays local music 24/7 but does not get the advertising dollars like those that turn on the 'Soca Switch'. So I do hope you tune in and even call the station. I will be listening and may call in (Kenny is a friend).
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