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  • Lol don't worry about the delay. I was actually worried and hoped you were okay

    But in any case I'll def be in London in the near future...if not for studying then definitely for the carnival so I'll definitely keep you posted. And if either you or I leave imix let's be sure to exchange contacts. Until then like I said save me a nice sweet wine ;) ...or save me two...or three lol. Matter fact let's not set any limits lol. Take care of yourself honey
    Well I must must MUST make sure I come to London one day. Actually I'm comin to London to study in 2 yrs..and I mite come b4 that, so you'll def catch me at NHC someday. Itz on my list along with Trini and mayb Bajan carnival

    As for my carnival experience I had fun..a good amount ah fun actually, I think I woulda had more fun if I had Mas stamina lmao. I dont care what kinda athlete someone think they are playin mas is a whole diff thing. But all in all I had a good time

    So expect to see me at NHC within the next yr or 2....and mek sure yuh save a Real sweet wine for me yes ? ;) England I see ? Very nice..I hope you have lotz of fun...get on real bad for me yuh here? lolol

    As for starts again for me Monday :( ...but on the bright side I'm playin mas for the first time with Sesame Flyers on the 7th...and partyin all weekend leadin up to it. So I hope to have fun too.

    I must ask is Nottinghill Carnival overall? Are you a veteran? Sounds fun
    I think Itag myself in some of ur pics on facebook, some of dem i hate now i put on more weight lol considering going :D gonna need accomodation tho....wha dates u have??
    im thinkin 10th - 21st perhaps bt i hav skool so i not 100% sure of dates yet
    i see yuh post sumtn in CC so i say leh mih arx
    i cnt reach bim dis yr:(:( i'll be in NY while u in BIM
    so ah hear yuh goin Trinidad for carnival....
    who u book ur tkt wit?? who u flying wit?? who u playing wit??
    whey yuh staying??
    hmmmm ah goin and look in d NHC thread and see if i like any
    i bet all d costumes i like, u go tell me dey sell out:(:(
    doh lie tuh me nah girl
    whey i gt 24th frm?? seeeeeeeeeen....well ah go let yuh kno
    bacchanal mas too rich fuh my blood jed
    no girl....i eh kno yet....mih fren gettin married d 22nd and i'm her make-up artist so if anyting, i jys comin dong d Monday
    who u jumpin wit??
    We officially have 2 months to go so we are closing in on 60 days......I know your ready. How's everything with you SC. I know your busy with Notting hill Carnival but save some energy for Bim Girl. See ya soon........
    Yeah, definitely need a nap - got 4 parties to hit tomorrow night too! Bless for the link, will download that now and play back tomorrow.
    Try to link up with the right ppl to throw party the rite way and workin on a mix cd. What gud with you
    I'm here having a ball. I've been to a couple of parties which gave me a taste of whats to come on the road. I can't wait! I leave for Atlanta Carnival in 16 days....tick tick
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