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  • i was real upset i missed the HD concert but i plan on stayin as long as possible at the carnival itself...hopefully they will have good performers there
    oh ok saturday day will b madness i had to leave early last year 4rm the carnival due to some "events" that took place w/n my crew...and i will leave it at dat...i vex just knowin i miss out on all di good stuff
    well i do club promotions so i won't be attending any fetes sadly...LOL the only thing i probably will do is panyard on saturday and sum different fetes sunday. saturday nite we are havin an event called Sweetest Wine w/ cash prizes and wat not. u playin in a band or wah?
    yuh a go to trinidad!!! i go too. i come from guadeloupe. can we check when we reach?

    check my msn : dafear_mashup@hotmail.com
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